Tuesday 11 September 2012

Zombie Hands - feat. O.P.I Skull & Glossbones

As opposed to Essie's Beach Bum Blu which I did my last nails post on, this colour is totally up my street/down my road/on my avenue/chilling on my lane/you KNOW what I am saying.

This is Skull & Glossbones by O.P.I.

I love a good old 'dead hands' look aka grey/taupe nail colours that do the opposite of adding a bit of life to your hands/outfit. This kind of colour goes with pretty much anything and because it is not bright & vibrant, if it gets chipped... no one is really going to notice. (Do they anyway? Who knows)

This is the only O.P.I nail polish I have ever owned and I kind of bought it two months ago, forgot about it, put it on my fire place and just continued living my life as one does.
I am not sure how that happened because I love this kind of nail colour.
I actually got this on sale in Sephora so it was super cheap too!

I would describe this as...a taupe-y grey colour. A kind of mushroom colour.
Is it greige?! Can I say that?
I find that because this is on the same kind of tone/darkness as my skin tone, it elongates my fingers a bit which is always nice as I do have horrible stubby fingers. 

This is so wearable and I absolutely love it. 
(Can you tell?!)

I will definitely be looking at getting some more O.P.I polishes because the formula seems pretty comparable to Essie, which is my favourite nail polish brand at the moment.


 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Totally wearable, plus the name reminds me of the Walking Dead TV show that I love,but doesn't look dirty-zombie, I'd rather say it's light beige/sand.
    Love it!

  2. Such a pretty polish! I've been meaning to get a similar colour :)

    1. Yeah I think there are a lot around...I really want Essie's Sand Tropez but I am not sure how similar that is. In my mind it's the same kind of dealio :)

  3. I can't stop wearing this polish, its turned into an obsession! haha x

    1. I know what the hell! It is such a boring colour but there is something about this little dude...

  4. interesting shade! i actually was contemplating this shade at the nail salon the other day too... in some lights it looked grey, in others it looked a mossy greenish color. it looks really nice on your skintone though... kind of sold me on this one!

    rachel xx

    1. Haha, yeah it does look different depending on the light :)

  5. I've never really been into this kind of nail colour but seeing it on it actually seems really nice!

  6. Love the color!! so nice.
    Follow you now :)

    I hope you join my Ibiza giveaway!


  7. I tried my first O.P.I nail varnish a while ago and I have to say, for the price, I wasn't impressed. I might have to give a different a colour a go, but for now I am sticking with Barry M. Now following your blog, would love you to check out mine. Naomi xx

    1. Some people don't like Essie polishes either, but I guess it depends on what works best for you and your budget!

  8. I love zombie hands XD

  9. I NEED this polish! Absolutely gorgeous.
    Thanks for posting :)



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