Sunday 24 February 2013

Empties # 3

I seem to have lost my camera charger so excuse the iPhone quality photo- I know it ain't pretty. I have been pretty desperate to do an empties post, but I just haven't gotten round to it. But now that LFW is over, I can finally toss some of the crap I have been holding onto like a total weirdo.
I probably have about 30+ things lying around which were finished months ago... it has been driving me so crazy that I have actually just thrown some of it out already (oops).
By the way I haven't done one of these posts since June!

Without furthur ado, here are some products I have used up (hurrah).

Boots Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask for Normal to Dry Hair
This is pretty nice, it smells divine but I found the consistency too slippery and runny so it never really stuck to my hair. I haven't repurchased this because it didn't work any wonders for me but it is super cheap and if you don't have bleached/straightened/dry hair like me it could work for you.
Mark: 5/10

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Olive Oil Conditioner
I only got to use this three or four times because the bottle is so tiny, I ordered it online without looking at the mL, so I thought it was going to be a normal sized bottle. It's quite nice? It definitely didn't blow me away because I have already forgotten what it was like.
Mark: 5/10

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation (Shade 3)
This used to be my HG foundation when I knew nothing about makeup. Looking back, the colour was a bit too pink for me and it didn't make my skin look particularly amazing. I also think it was a bit too drying for my skin type- I don't think I will ever go back to this.
Mark: 6/10

The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF 30
I love this so much in the summer, it smells really fruity, the SPF is high and I just think it is a really nice radiance boosting moisturiser. I am not using this at the moment but I will probably repurchase this in the future.
Mark: 8/10

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz
(Can you tell I used to work at The Body Shop?) I think I would love this product if the spritz wasn't so powerful and if it was more of a mist like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Like everything in the Vitamin C range it smells really fresh but I wouldn't buy this again purely because of the actual spritz itself.
Mark: 6/10

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is such a great drugstore concealer, it offers really high coverage but I do find it is slightly too drying for under my eyes. I still use this on blemishes and I think I will always have one (or two) of these lying around or in my makeup bag. I do wish they were slightly less pink, but I guess that works well for covering eye-bags so you can't have it all!
Mark: 8/10


Thursday 7 February 2013

Burberry Eyeshadow in Gold Trench & FOTD 6/2/13

I was slightly inebriated when I made this purchase, in Harrods, late on a saturday eve. (Don't worry I wasn't alone drinking).
My (newly acquired) friend Deniz said she uses this colour all the time so I decided I needed it in my life. I had never actually seen any Burberry makeup in real life so being at the counter after a few glasses of wine was just like heaven.
I have worn this twice, as an all-over-the-lid colour and just in the crease - it looks really pretty both ways. The texture of this eyeshadow is just so buttery and silky and amazing. There's almost no point in my trying to describe it because my words just won't match up to the beauty of this product. The colour is a kind of sandy colour, with a satin finish and a tiny bit of shimmer.
I love how the packaging comes in a little velvety black sock- so pointless, but I love it. I also love how the burberry print is on the packaging and on the product itself. It's the attention to detail that counts!
Does anyone have any other colour recommendations?

MINI FOTD w/ Burberry eyeshadow

These are the products I used on my face:

Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer, Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation, TBS Colourglide Shine #1, The Body Shop Shimmer Waves #1, Mac Soft & Gentle, Maybelline The Falsies, Scandaleyes Khol Eyeliner in Taupe & Nude, Natural Collection Clear Mascara (for brows), Burberry Eyeshadow in Gold Trench, Mac Eyeshadow in Ricepaper.
(Apologies about the photos below- iPhone at 11pm, you know)


Wednesday 6 February 2013

What's On My Vanity Table

This is a bit of a random one from my part, but I've borrowed an SLR camera and I have to give it back tomorrow so I've taken a few random photos and this is my attempt to turn it into a half-interesting/mainly boring post.
I don't have any actual pictures of my desk in this post, but it's antique/french/white/wooden/beautiful. My room is kind of packed because I'm almost a hoarder so it's hard to explain but I can't really take a decent picture of it! (I will try when I have more time though).
So these are just a bunch of pictures of what's on my vanity table/desk really!

Hair brushes (very boring); Make-Up brushes (some are in London at the moment so this isn't all of them): Real Techniques: Blusher Brush, Stippling Brush, Expert Face Brush, Buffing Brush, Foundation Brush, Mac: 266, 217, The Body Shop: Eyeshadow Brush, Lip/Concealer Brush, No7: Blend & Contour Brush, Japonesque Safari: Shadow Brush and Crease Brush, ELF: Eyeshadow Brush.
Perfumes: Dior Pure Poison, Helena Rubinstein Wanted, Prada Candy, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Gucci Guilty.
Glass with eyeliners in it, a little ceramic tray with everyday make-up or products I want to use up, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, an organic toner, my jewellery holder.
Some of my rings.
Everyday hair products and my eye cream?
I keep cotton buds and cotton rounds in this tin.
So that is it really! I hope that was vaguely interesting, maybe?


Friday 1 February 2013

Decluttering #1

Left to right: Rimmel in 12, L'Oreal Glam Shine, Collection Cream Puff, Garnier BB Cream, TBS Eye Definer, Rimmel in Kiss Me
A load of different nail varnishes I don't like the colour of
My mom keeps going on at me about using up products I already have before buying new ones. And I know she is right, but I have a lot of things that I bought ages ago and I just know I will never get round to finishing. Either I don't like it or it just doesn't suit me.

Garner Miracle Skin Perfector (Daily All-in-One BB Cream)
I really liked this when I got it, and it is actually nearly finished but it has just started to smell a bit and the consistency is definitely off. I just think it is time to say adieu. It was always a bit too dark for me anyway, because this was the original so it didn't come in a specific colour. But I did used to love using this in the summer.

Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake
I don't know why I bought this. It's hideous. The texture is alright but it smells like cheap vanilla ice-cream and the colour just isn't amazing. 

L'Oreal Glam Shine in Sand Crystal
There is nothing wrong with this product but the colour just doesn't really suit me (although it is actually nearly empty so I have worn it, eek). It is also just getting a little old, tatty and is taking up unnecessary space. I do quite like the L'Oreal Glam Shines though, as far as lip glosses go.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 12
Again, this just really does not suit me. It's too much of an orangey tomato red to suit me I think and again this has been hanging around for quite a while. I actually used to wear this quite a lot when I knew nothing about makeup (not that I'm a pro now...) so there's not that much left.

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in Kiss Me
I just think this colour looks really tacky against my pale skin. I used to love it but I probably haven't worn it in over six months.

Bourjois Eyeshadow in Citron Givré (I forgot to add this to the top picture, apologies!)
I'm not going to lie. I bought this because of the Liberty's Limited Edition packaging. The colour seriously sucks on me though- it's like a pale, shimmery lemon colour and it has taken me so long to accept that it was a mistake buying it. So long sucker.

The Body Shop Eye Definer in Rich Brown
This came in a little set but I have to press so hard for any kind of colour to show up and I don't really want to be stabbing my eye so see you later irrelevant eyeliner.

All the Nail Polishes
I find talking about nail polish really boring, I just don't like these colours anymore! I think a lot of them were free in magazines (aka Nail Inc) or gifted to me. I'm sure my sister will take some of them...

Some of this will be going in the trash (if it's old) and the rest I will send to Give and Makeup. If I find anything else I don't really want I will add that to the package I'm sending away. I am also sending them some shower gel and soapy things but I don't think that is particularly interesting!

Top to bottom: Rimmel Kiss Me, Collection Cream Puff, L'Oreal Glam Shine, Rimmel 12

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