Thursday 20 September 2012

Recent Purchases

I have not had internet for a while now, but I am currently at my boyfriend's flat so I thought I'd do a little post on some things I have bought recently. There IS more but those items are going to go into another post.

First of all, I had a £1 off voucher for eyelashes at Boots and I do sometimes wear them on nights out so I got these Eyelure Super Full ones. These are probably my favourite lashes because they don't look too over-the-top.

I am a big fan of the Touch Of Silver range and it was on 3 for 2 in Boots so I got a few bits and bobs. I have never tried the dry shampoo before but so far I am impressed.

I also got the conditioner because I have used it before and I quite enjoyed it.

This is actually a god send. I often get yellowy tones in my blonde hair and this purple toner really does the job at keeping those yellow/brassy tones at bay.

I have wanted this for so long! It is the best smelling scrub (or even product) I have ever smelled in my life. It smells like FREAKIN MAPLE SYRUP. It is also a really effective body scrub.

I needed a new toner and there was money off this Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner so I thought I would give it a whirl. I tend to like brightening/radiance boosting products so this could be really nice but I have only used it a couple times so I can't really comment yet.

I also got a Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle just because I wanted a new highlighter and I think this one is pretty stunning.

There was 10% off beauty products at my local Fenwick's so I thought I'd get a Mac lipstick because I only have one other one. I asked my boyfriend which one he thought was nice and luckily I happened to like it too. This one is called Lickable, I have only worn it once but I absolutely love it.

That is all for now and sorry about my absence, I should have the internet back soon.
Fingers crossed!


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  1. The lipstick looks gorgeous!

  2. Oooh I want the Breakfast Scrub so badly, who doesn't love the smell of Maple Syrup! xo

  3. Breakfast Scrub is the best thing ever! Also think I need to get some silver shampoo now thanks to my hairdresser I have all of 5 blonde highlights in my hair :|

  4. I'm dying to try out Soap&Glory's scrub, I heard nothing but good things about it!! Ahh it's a shame they don't ship to Japan :(

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo


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