Wednesday 24 December 2014


I've been absent because I'm home in New York but I just thought I'd wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a very happy one indeed!

I'll be back soon...

Friday 12 December 2014

Obsessed With # 12: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat

Oh wait... is Annie writing about nude lip products? How unlike her. Yes, I love me some nudes. I'm currently heart-eyed emoji-ing over the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in 'Pillow Talk'. Can we talk about it? Now, first of all I'm semi-annoyed at people claiming that a bubblegum pink lip liner from Rimmel is a 'dupe' for this. No, no this is not possible. This lip liner is a rosey nude shade, not pink. Okay, I'm over it now. 

So not only is the shade just perfect, the lasting power + texture of this is amazing. I would say this lasts a good few hours, even after a bit of munching + sipping it doesn't smudge or anything. The most impressive thing about this however is the formulation. Some lip liners don't match the texture of my lips so it can look a bit obvious whereas this does a much better job of matching the texture so it looks more natural. It isn't totally matte but it isn't glossy either, it has a kind of velvet texture which is really comfortable to wear.


Thursday 11 December 2014

The New Eyebrow Favorite

I quite recently converted to the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil after being a big fan of the Anastasia Brow Wiz. However, I then started using the Anastasia Brow Wiz again + fell back in love. When I was in Boots a month or so again I spotted the Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush, which I had read was similar + it does look incredibly similar in terms of packaging + the size of the thin nib + brush. This is a lot cheaper than the Anastasia pencil (£8 vs £15.50) so I thought I would give it a go.

First of all, mine is slightly broken. The pencil part actually falls out if I turn it upside down so I do have to be a bit careful, but I'm sure mine is just a bit faulty. My Anastasia pencil is actually broken too, when I take the lid off the brush end, the whole brush comes off with it. But that's not really enough to put me off.

The Anastasia Brow Wiz comes in nine shades, whereas the Soap & Glory only comes in two which is a shame. But! If either shade suits you then this is actually a great alternative. The blonde shade is slightly lighter than my Anastasia one in 'Taupe' but that works fine for me. In terms of application + lasting power, it really is pretty much identical to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It's got that great little waxy nib which is perfect for creating a natural looking brow + drawing in fake eyebrow hairs. This is by far the best eyebrow pencil I have found in the drugstore + I have been using it everyday since I got it.

Monday 8 December 2014

Top Three Nude Lipsticks

I am not sure how many times I have mentioned that I am a nude lips lover but probably a few times too many. And as I bang on about how much I love a good nude, I am here to share with you my top three nude lipsticks. I will also be posting about my top three favorite nude lip pencils so watch out for that if you're interested. I would say that I like to go for a relatively pale nude in comparison to most of the nudes I see around (but I am certainly not talking concealer-lips pale) + I think a slightly pinky nude suits me better than say a warmer, peachy nude. I also think peachier nudes make my teeth look more yellow than they are so that's a no-no for me.

(In both images: Left: Tom Ford, Middle: Maybelline, Right: Armani)

Tom Ford Pink Dusk
This looks a lot darker than the other two but it is probably the most similar to my natural lip shade. As it is a bit darker than the other two, I prefer to wear this one with more minimal eye makeup. This is the nude lipstick that really got me into nudes in the first place. Tom Ford lipsticks are quite creamy + buttery so they feel really comfortable. Also the packaging is just a dream.

Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe
I have written a whole post on this one (click here for that). This is my favorite nude lipstick at the moment because I think it really suits my skin tone + it looks great with darker eye makeup. 

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Beige 103
This is a slightly pinkier version of the Maybelline lipstick + it is a bit more creamy + shiny. This is a really easy one to wear with any makeup look. It's another comfortable nude that isn't too dark for my pale skin. I also love the packaging of these - magnetic closure anyone?!

What is your favorite nude?

Monday 1 December 2014

Review: L'Oréal Nude Magique Blur Cream

Anything that claims it will 'blur' my skin immediately grabs my attention. (Although can we take a moment to giggle to ourselves about those apps that blur your skin so you end up looking like a fuzzy cloud? Ok thanks). I think L'Oréal Nude Magique Blur Cream is a better version of Miracle Blur, which I was never too impressed with.

I have this in the shade 'Light to Medium' + although it does come out of the tube in a shade, the pigment doesn't really transfer onto the skin. My one problem with this problem is the packaging, because it tends to squirt out + go all over the place + it is difficult to get the desired amount of product out. However, I do think it does a great job of evening out my skintone + creating a great base for makeup because it makes my skin super smooth. I wouldn't wear this by itself because it doesn't provide any coverage but I do like it as a primer. It does feel quite silconey so it gives a velvety finish which I think would be fine for oily or dry skin (my skin is generally quite normal).

I definitely think this would be a particularly nice primer if you have slightly blemished skin or visible pores because it does make everything look a lot more even + smooth.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Review: Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow

I haven't been buying much new makeup recently, mainly just a couple of repurchases. However, I am a sucker for a bronze eyeshadow. I have plenty in powder form but I quite like working with creams so I thought I would give the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bronze a go. I have heard mixed reviews about these cream eyeshadows so I was quite curious to see how I got on with it. There are six shades but this is the only one that appealed to me.

The texture of this is quite dissimilar to other cream eyeshadows that I have tried. It is super pigmented + soft so you can easily pick up too much product/color. It is almost more similar to a mousse or jelly texture. Because it is really soft, it is incredibly easy to blend. As it is quite a wet product, I like to use this with eyeshadow brushes rather than with my fingers which can be a bit messy. I have been wearing this all over the lid + in the outer part of the crease with liquid liner. I find that warm, brown shimmer eyeshadows tend to look darker in the crease anyway so there is no need for another eyeshadow. I like the shade of this one but I would like more if it were a little more red in tone. Just a little bit. I still really like this + would recommend it if you want an affordable cream eyeshadow.

PS: Don't be put off by the name, it's not excessively shimmery...

Monday 24 November 2014

Recent Favorites 11.24.14

Oh hi everyone, fancy seeing you around here. What's new with you? Great, great. Okay so I have some random favorites I feel like sharing with you. I have a couple of Burt's Bees bits that I got from the #BeeMerry event thing that my homegirl Meg was doing at a pop up store in LDN town. Just a quick disclaimer in case any of you try to sue me etc.

Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream
I believe Meg mentioned this was one of her favorite products by Burt's Bees + let me tell you... it smells so good. I keep this next to my bed + I 'apply it generously' before going to bed. Not only doing it smell really good but it does a good job of reviving dead winter hands.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
This is my perfect perfume + I would probably say it's my 'signature scent' because I wear it all the time. Every time I wear this someone will ask about it. The best thing about it is the fact that it stays on all day so the scent doesn't start to disappear after an hour or so like most perfumes. If you like warm, slightly masculine scents then give this a little sniff.

Skandihome Love Birds Coasters
I love these coasters, yes they are nice to use as actual coasters but I think they look pretty to display jewelry on.

Burt's Bees Hydrating Coconut & Pear Lipbalm
I used to really like Burt's Bees lipbalms back in the day but I am now loving this particular one purely because it smells ridiculously good.

Anomie Rings
I am sure I have mentioned before that I love anything from my friend Chelsea's online store (click here) but at the moment I am particularly obsessed with all of the silver rings on the website. I used to be such a gold jewelry girl but I am definitely getting more + more into silver. I don't really buy jewelry unless it's from Anomie or Chelsea Market in New York.

Skandihome Candles
I love a good candle but I often find they burn really annoyingly so half the wax ends up wasted. At the moment I have been burning the Skandihome Sandlewood + Vetiver Candle + not only does it burn really nicely without sticking to the sides, it's an amazing winter smell. However, I now want the Christmas Spices one...

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Recent Favorites 11.5.14

There really is no method to the madness when it comes to blogging for me. I don't have a schedule, I don't really stick to any particular titles... it is just a bit of what I fancy here + then with no real logic behind it. I don't know if I should start doing weekly or monthly favorites or if I should post most regularly... I don't know. I'm talking to myself here but I just looked through my recent posts over the past year + I didn't see any 'favorites' posts even though I used to do them all the time. So I thought I would do one! Wahey - she finally gets to the point.

I am definitely more of a grey/white/neutrals girl when it comes to nail polish (/everything) but there are a couple of bright colors by Essie that I absolutely love including this primary/electric blue shade. I just think it's quite interesting how vibrant it is without actually being a bright turquoise or something. 

I believe I saw Vivianna mention this in a video + when I interned at L'Oréal in the US this wasn't out (it still isn't out/might never be) so I was intrigued by it but I'm always interested in L'Oréal's new releases. I really like this as a primer because it blurs any imperfections + sits nicely underneath makeup. It also has a bit of a tint so it's an overall great product for perfecting the skin.

This was recommended to me by a friend + whenever I go back to it I am always surprised by how much volume it gives without any effort. If you like big, black, bold lashes then definitely give this a go. 

Hourglass Blush in Mood Exposure
This is the perfect radiant plum blush for the time of year. Although it is plummy it does have a bit of warm peachiness to it as well so it's great for adding a bit of warmth to the complexion.

Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick in 'Tantalizing Taupe'
My previous post is all about this lipstick so click here to see that!

MAC Lip Liner in 'Boldly Bare'
I love a good nude lip liner + this one is a good'un. I find that MAC lip liners are really matte so they stay on really well + they do a really good range of nudes.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
I absolutely love this concealer for under the eyes because it is really light, non-cakey but it provides really good coverage which is great for someone like me who has really bluey tones.

Last but not least is an online London-based Scandinavian store which sells really nice homeware bits (including the rug that all these products are lying on). If you think you have similar taste to me then definitely check it out for some pretty household things. I'm currently eyeing up this tray...  

Tuesday 4 November 2014

A Perfect Nude

Ahem, no I don't mean the perfect nude pic. It was probably only me who thought of that when coming up with the title (it took hours... ). Okay so I've probably said this a million times but I am more of a nude lipstick girl than any other shade. This means that I am very fussy about which nude lipsticks I wear, also because I don't like to have too many lipsticks so I actually only have a few. The lipstick I'm currently obsessed with is the Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick in 'Tantalizing Taupe', which I saw Barbara wearing in a video + I decided I needed it A$AP. I got it on a 3 for 2 deal at Boots - I needed/wanted a dark purple lipstick for Halloween so it was the perfect opportunity to pick this up along with my favorite under eye concealer which will be featured in the next post (although I'm sure y'all can guess if it's Maybelline...).

To be honest, when I first looked at the lipstick in Boots I thought it wouldn't look that great on because I had thought it was a pinky nude but in the tube it looked kind of brown. However, when you put it on it is the perfect pale brown nude with pink tones. I know that sounds almost as ridiculous as 'oh my god this is the perfect reddy coral nude with berry undertones but it is also the perfect dusty pink' but it is the only way I can describe it. In terms of the texture + finish, it is very comfortable to wear + it's neither too glossy nor too matte. I think the lasting power isn't too shabby either but I do wear it with a lip liner. I just love that it is quite pale but not so pale that it looks like concealer lips, because I often find nude lipsticks to look a bit dark on me because I'm pretty pale. Obsessed.

Sunday 2 November 2014

FOTD 10/23/14

I haven't done a post like this in a while so I thought it would be a good time to show some products I enjoy using. I am trying to use up most of my makeup before buying anything + because I don't own that much of it anymore it is quite easy to see everything I have + rotate it all. Luckily my skin has been good at the moment so I have been able to get away with a lighter coverage if I want to.

For this lewk I used the Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer under the Dr Jart BB Cream + the Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream under my eyes. I also filled in my brows with the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil but that's not featured in the photo (oops, my bad). On my eyes I used the Naked 3 Palette, I pretty much just used the shade 'Limit' all over the lid + along the lower lashline with a bit of 'Factory' in the crease + on the outer edges of the lower lashline. I also put a bit of the NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in 'Skorpios' in the centre of the lower lashline for a touch of bronzey goodness. The mascara I used is the L'Oréal Paris Butterfly Mascara in 'Midnight Black', which is really black + gives great length + volume but it also extends the outer lashes which is really flattering. Then on my cheeks I contoured a little bit using the NYX Blush in 'Taupe' + added a bit of color with the Milani Baked Blush in 'Luminoso'. It's quite a shimmery, glowy blush so no highlighter was required.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Red Eyes Sink... Yachts?!

Okay so 'Red Lips Sink Ships' definitely has a better ring to it. Leaving my awful post title aside I am going to introduce to you my three favorite red eyeshadows + tell you why I'm a fan of this seemingly unwearable eyeshadow color. I'll start off by saying red eyeshadow can be very wearable if you know how to apply it. I think that in general it is a lot easier to wear if it is not the closest color to your eye, so it is easier to wear if you're going for the liquid liner lewk as well. I also think if you're going for quite a bold pinky red, it can look nice on the outer v in the crease to make it look a little bit more subtle but still make your eye color pop. That really is the advantage of red eyeshadow, it makes any eye color stand out because it's an unexpected shadow color that contrasts massively with any eye color. Two of the shadows I'm going to mention are more bright, pinky reds + the other is a more muted browny red.

The first shade is L'Oréal Paris Infallible Shadow in 'Glistening Garnet' (in the pot, 1st swatch from left) - this shade is stunning + it blends beautifully because of the amazing formula. I'm a big fan of these L'Oréal Paris eyeshadows in general because they are so soft + blendable. I think 'Glistening Garnet' is a really pretty pinky red shade to wear with black liquid liner in the colder months. I do think this might be a US exclusive though. The next one (2nd swatch) is MAC Cranberry which was the first red eyeshadow I ever acquired. When I first got this I loved wearing it on the outer v of the crease over the Christmas period. It is a slightly darker, less pink + more muted version of the L'Oréal shadow but they are very comparable. The final shadow is MAC Antiqued which is probably better if you're one to shy away from the reds because it is a lot more brown. I like to wear this one all over the lid + along the bottom lash line without liquid liner but with a ton of black mascara. Although it is more muted, it does still have those red tones so it still makes any eye color pop.

Do you dare try red eyeshadow + if so, what are your favorites?

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Review: Clarisonic Mia

The bloggers' obsession with Clarisonic seems to have died down over the last year but as an avid Clarisonic user I thought I would give my two cents. I personally love the Clarisonic now as much as I did when I bought it at the end of 2013. I bought the pink Clarisonic Mia because I didn't feel the need to get any of the fancier versions + I am happy with that decision. I use chemical exfoliants as well as the Clarisonic because I honestly think that it tremendously improves the condition + texture of my skin. Some people find exfoliating to be too abrasive but I guess that depends on your particular skin type.

So why do I like the Clarisonic? Well first of all it feels like you are properly cleaning your skin instead of wiping off the makeup + grime but not really cleaning it. It makes your serums/oils/moisturizers work twice as hard because your skin isn't covered in yummy dead skin cells.

I like to use my Clarisonic two or three times a week after taking off my makeup. I use it with whatever face wash I am currently using, using circular motions all over my face but particularly concentrating on problem areas such as my chin. I then like to exfoliate/tone using the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads followed by the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This leaves my skin feeling so smooth + soft. I can't recommend it enough.

*linking the Mia 2 because I guess that replaced the original?

Thursday 9 October 2014

London Loves

No - definitely not the best play on words but it's the best I could come up with at 10:46pm on a Wednesday night. (+ that isn't a very good excuse either because I'm unemployed at the moment + I've always been a bit nocturnal). So I moved to London just over a week ago + I've honestly just been catching up with friends + family getting chores done before I start properly applying for jobs etc. So that's what I've been up to + wifi connecsh has been a bit limited which is why I haven't been posting. If for some reason you want to keep a bit more up-to-date with my life etc you can follow me on instagram where I'm pretty obnoxious but a lot more present. Onto some favorites since I came to London...

I wrote about The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream recently(ish) so if you want to read more about that then click here for that post. I honestly think it is the best BB Cream I have tried because you can build up coverage but it still looks natural + the lightest shade is perf for pale gurlz like me. I don't think I've ever mentioned the following product aka the L'Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Concealer (I'm sorry but I don't think this is out in the UK?!) but if you haven't tried this I am telling you now that you need it. It doesn't crease under the eyes at all (it has a fairly thick but velvety consistency) + it is great for covering up any unwanted red zones without going into any weird face situations that you don't want to highlight. Next up is the Perricone M.D. No Bronzer Bronzer (I can't with the name) which is essentially the ideal bronzer for someone like me whose bronzer can look a bit patchy with my heavy hand. It's a liquid bronzer so you use the little pipette to dispense a tiny amount onto the palm of your hand, rub it in a bit + then just press onto the areas of your face where you want a bit of color. It barely needs any blending + (obviously) you can't see any powdery effects on your skin so it looks really natural. Winner. On my eyes I've been enjoying a bit of MAC Antiqued along my top + bottom lashlines - the warm reddy tones make any eye color pop + because it's dark it adds a nice bit of definition + just the right amount of smokiness for daytime wear. Last but certainly not least is the L'Oréal Paris Miss Manga Mascara which has actually become my favorite mascara over the last few months. What can I say? It gives length, volume, it's not clumpy but not too separatey either. It's everything I want in a mascara.

So that's it from me! I look forward to updating Nouveau Chique a bit more now that I'm more settled!

Monday 29 September 2014

Turquoise Hair?

Ahhhhh I leave New York today + I may not have wifi for a while. Before I leave I thought I would show y'all my turquoise undercut. If you don't like it maybe just don't tell me though because I love it + I think when you're 23 WHY THE HELL NOT?! Also you can't tell when my hair is down so it's not too scary... The woman who does my hair when I am in New York is Erika at Headdress Hair Salon.

Monday 22 September 2014

Review: TBS Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

I'm definitely more of a medium to full coverage foundation kind of girl but sometimes if my skin is looking good I will go for a lighter coverage. I also like to use BB or CC creams under my foundation a little added coverage and then I apply foundation where I need it. I bought The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream when I was having seriously temperamental skin + I really like the Tea Tree range from The Body Shop so I thought I would give it a go. *Interesting Fact Of The Day Time!*: I worked at The Body Shop for a year and a bit so I know they're products pretty well + still get excited by their new releases. That probably wasn't the most interesting thing you will read all day but I thought I'd just throw it in there.

I like this particular BB cream because although it is for blemished skin, I find this to be quite moisturizing so it's really nice for under foundations or on its own. The shade I have (01) is really good for my skintone because pale shades can often be quite pink but this one is more yellow/neutral. I also find the finish looks nice + dewy without being too shiny. It provides pretty decent coverage + doesn't go into any pores or fine lines. It's definitely a more natural finish so good on days when your skin is looking good + you just want a little bit of coverage but nothing too crazy.

Saturday 20 September 2014

Review: Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette

Oh hey. Just me again. Who wants to talk about a really convenient little neutrals palette? *hands up* I got this palette from Sephora a month or two ago + it really is a useful little thing (it's really little) so hey, I thought I'd do my duty + share it with y'all even though you've probably heard of this before. #latetotheparty #latetopost #fashionablylate?

The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette: essentially a mini verj of the orig Full Exposure Palette, with 8 neutral shades + a mix of shimmers + mattes. It is supposed to contain 'universal' shades to suit pretty much anyone + everyone. I like it because I like to travel + as my immediate family is split between France/New York/UK I do tend to get around a bit ;) ;) ;) *wink wink* Anyway I think this palette is pretty damn affordable at $22 considering how useful it is + how wearable the shades are. When I went to Miami recently these were the only shadows I brought with me because it's perfect for daytime + night makeup if you want to go a bit more intense. I attempted some swatching above but as you can see the lighter shades aren't that visible. The shades I have using the most are second on the top + second on the bottom (from the left).

Friday 19 September 2014

Obsessed With # 11: Laura Mercier 'Lush Nectarine'

I bought the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Lush Nectarine for my mom in June + it took me a while to decide I absolutely needed it too (I don't, but in my world want + need are pretty similar). As a pale girl, I love a peachy blush to bring my corpse-like skin back to life a bit. You probably know by now (unless you're new - hello!) that I love a bit of golden shimmer in my blushes too so this is right up my alley. I usually wear this blush when I'm not wearing much else on my face + I tend to pile it on a bit. I know that's not everyone's thing but I like a statement cheek from time to time. Usually this involves bold brows, no eye makeup + maybe just a gloss on the lips. I've learned that I don't actually like to overdo my makeup on a daily basis anymore. I used to go for a smokey eye with winged liner, lipstick, blush, bronzer, highlighter... I mean really the whole sha-bang. Not a good lewk.

I like the packaging + transportable size of this little thing so that's another bonus. I find some blushes tend to gather or cake on certain parts of my skin (maybe the drier areas) but this applies like a dream + isn't too sheer or too pigmented. I don't actually like when blushes are too pigmented because I can get a bit too enthusiastic with the blush + go a little heavy-handed.

Have you tried this? What is your favorite blush?

Thursday 18 September 2014

Recent Vibez

I've been the worst blogger ever recently + I apologize profusely for that! But I will explain a bit because I have been a bit all over the place. I finished my internship at L'Oréal Paris USA last week + I move to London in less than two weeks *gulp*. In that time I have been sorting out my apartment (I will be living with my partner in crime Ellyn who you may have seen in our Fierce & Flawless Blondes vidz), I was also chilling with my new favorite person aka Chelsea from chelsea wears... OH + the wonderful Vivianna mentioned me on her blog which made me die a little bit. And I mean die in the American 'oh my god I die' sense (aka this is a very good thing). Anyway I am just trying to really enjoy my few days in this amazing city before I go into poverty in London. If anyone wants to keep up with my life a bit better than do follow me on instagram!

As I mentioned I got to meet Chelsea a few times I thought I would talk about her online store Anomie because it is genuinely a favorite right now. She has impeccable taste so you can steal a bit of that from her store which has the most beautiful jewelry, clothes, home stuffz... etc. Also if you don't know who her boyf Ryan Patricks is then... NOT SURE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE jk you've probably just been living it like any other normal person. You need to buy his book 'You're Not Helping' + follow him on twitter. I promise you won't regret it. Unless you hate laughing. In which case you need to rethink your existence.

The 'New York is my boyfriend' pouch is by Pamela Barsky. I own a couple of these + they're really useful for makeup/skincare/pens/whatever so I'm a big fan of these. I get these from Chelsea Market in Chelsea, New York. CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA... I need to stop liking all things Chelsea related. Although Made in Chelsea NYC was a bit cringe, non?

Friday 5 September 2014

Review: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup (you all know) kind of did an opposite piece to this. She was obsessed with this pencil first + then recently moved on to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I have done the opposite so I thought I would share my feelings towards the Hourglass pencil. I love both but I have been reaching for this one more when I am initially applying my makeup + then the Anastasia Brow Wiz for touch ups if maybe I applied my brow pencil too quickly in the morning or didn't do a great job.

I bought the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in the shade Soft Brunette because despite being a blonde I do like a darker, bolder brow. What I like about this one over the Anastasia pencil is that it's a lot quicker to apply + it seems to stick to my skin better, which sounds odd so perhaps I should explain. My eyebrows have never been very long so I have to extend them + I find this pencil makes that 'task' (let's be seri, it's not really a task) a lot easier + quicker because the Anastasia doesn't always stick onto skin where there are no hairs I find. Maybe that's just me. But maybe not. I don't know pals. I also like that this is waxier so I don't need a brow gel on top of it. I'm not going to say much about the spooly sitch: it works. It only comes in three shades whereas the Anastasia comes in quite a few more so that is also something to bear in mind.

My only problemo with this is that the triangular nib isn't THE most precise thang in the world. But that is why I also like to have the Anastasia Brow Wiz for touch ups just in case. That might seem excessive but I do my eyebrows every single day whereas I don't even wear mascara every day. So there. Stop with the judging eyeballs.

Thursday 28 August 2014

My Mini Must Haves

I feel like I have so many posts I want to write but finding any spare time as the moment is a tough. I'm actually off to Miami tomorrow (for Labor Day Weekend) + I'm hoping I will have enough time to do a couple posts there. Fingers crossed. Now, onto this post. Whenever I get samples that come in sachets I always manage to forget about them + they just sit in my sample jar for the longest period time. However, when samples come as minis of the actual product itself I am way more likely to use them. These are three mini products that I have been using everyday for the last week or so.

The first is the Origins GinZing Eye Cream, which I have been using every morning because it's extremely lightweight so it works well under concealer. I have actually liked everything I have ever tried from the brand so it doesn't really come as a surprise that I like this. It's a lightweight, pink, shimmery cream (sounds weird, I know) + it really brightens up the undereye area. I tend to apply a richer eye cream before I go to bed (at the moment it's the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment) so I don't need anything too heavy during the day. I do actually like to use a tiny amount of this over my concealer too + just gently dab it on for even more brightness. This is a generously sized sample so although I won't be finishing this anytime soon I am already thinking this will have to be a purchase. However, if you're only going to have one eye cream I would definitely pick something more moisturising.

Next is the Benefit Watt's Up highlighter that I briefly thouched on in my last post. I never had any interest in trying this out for some reason but it's actually pretty perfect. This really is the perfect champagne toned highlighter. I love a cream highlighter for ease of application + because it blends in with the skin better + I also don't find this one to be overly shimmery. Again, this is a decent sized sample so I probably won't finish it too quickly but I'm thinking after I use this + my old Jemma Kidd highlighter up then this will be on my shopping list.

The last sample is an exciting one for me because I have nearly picked up the travel size of this on so many occasions (aka everytime I'm at Sephora). I'm talking about the pricey Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, which I have unfortunately fallen in love with. I'm definitely a bit of a primer lover so I should've seen this coming. All I'm going to say is that it doesn't feel too siliconey, slippy or thick + it just makes you skin look + feel amazing. If you can get a sample of this, do it.

***PS: I am hosting a giveaway! Click here if you want the chance of winning the Original UD Naked Palette :)***

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