Saturday 7 January 2017

How I stay mentally/physically (reasonably) healthy?

I feel like while everyone else is trying to look like they belong on an Instagram fitspo account, I'm just trying to stay sane. Which in itself does involve being active but for me that isn't really so much about looking good (although less wobble would suit me fine), it's more about knowing I can lift shopping bags, run to the bus (or run away from strange strangers) and about feeling good. You know, endorphins and all that.

Meditation is very new to me, it's something I only started doing a couple of months back. I started by using the app Headspace and then started using Calm because I can do it without guidance now (but the sound of crackling fire does make it more enjoyable). I started meditating when I was having a bit of a crap time here in Melbourne, my closest friend here had left a few months before, more people were leaving and I just felt a bit confused about what I was doing with my life. Meditation helped in a way that I never thought it could, it really helps you to focus and get on with your day without dwelling on things - which is really helpful for a worrier like me. I like to do it maybe 3x a week, first thing in the morning.

Leave the house everyday
This one is really important to me. I know if I don't leave the house everyday (which is pretty easily done when you're a student) then I will just get really sad. I need to get some fresh air, move my limbs and see other people out and about. So I make sure I leave the flat every single day, even if I have nowhere to go and no one to see.

I have gone to the gym on and off for about 9 years and have been running for the same amount of time. I usually run between 5 and 10k (just being honest, I do get bored) but I occasionally do longer runs between 10 and 20k. I genuinely really enjoy exercising so it's not too difficult for me to keep it up, unless I'm on holiday etc. I just enjoy the feeling of having moved my body, it's really not to do with results for me it's more just the ritual of moving. It's also good for your body in the long term in terms of helping with joint mobility etc, so overall it's just something that I enjoy doing.

I love walking. I am completely obsessed with getting over 10,000 steps a day and I just really enjoy walking around towns, cities, parks, up mountains... I love seeing and noticing what is around me and in my environment. And the same goes for walking as exercise, it just makes me feel good and I also find it good for clearing my head. On more challenging walks, I usually do it with family which is for me just fun family time.

I studied English Literature in my Undergrad and after that I kind of neglected books. I just started reading again this year and I forgot how relaxing but mind-stimulating it is at the same time. The same goes for drawing or any other relaxing hobbies that you might have, it's worth just taking 10-20 mins (or however long you can) out of your day to make that time do what it is that makes you feel calm.

I do drink fairly regularly, I enjoy a fish burger and I love Maltesers, but I do think I am actually pretty healthy. I try not to go overboard with things and the same goes for exercise and downtime - if you do it all in moderation, that's good enough and all you need.

Something I want to do this year is stop comparing myself to others. I'm quite easily jealous of people with slimmer jaw lines, plumper lips, better eyebrows... as well as people who seemingly have their sh*t together aka a stable job, a partner, a nice apartment. I'm not openly jealous of other people and I am happy for other people's success but I need to learn that their success isn't my failure. Because THAT isn't healthy. I'm just taking my time, and that's fine.

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