Saturday 8 September 2012

NOTD - Essie Beach Bum Blu

Why hey there.

I got this Essie polish about a week or two ago now and I have worn it every single day since then, either on my nails or on my toenails. 
It definitely is not a very 'me' colour, I tend to go for more nude or grey colours when it comes to the nails and then brighter red colours on my toenails but for some reason, I absolutely love this!

The colour is Beach Bum Blu, I didn't get it from Boots or Superdrug but it is part of the diffusion line so you can get it from there.
This colour is so opaque that you can only need one coat but I went for two just because I tend to do a bit of a sloppy job. (Isn't the word 'sloppy' so revolting?)

The Essie website describes this shade as: 'a medium sea side blue pearl', which is completely accurate so I will leave the description of the shade at that.
I know that this kind of looks tacky but I weirdly find there to be something appealing about this colour. I think it looks really nice with a plain black/grey outfit, it adds a lot of life to that kind of look.

I absolutely love the formula of Essie polishes, I don't experience much chipping and I just think they are of a really great quality.


 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I don't usually go for this kind of colour either but I like it! It would look amazing layered with a glitter polish too! I think Essie is slowly taking over O.P.I as my favourite nail polish brand! :)

    Love, Rachel

    1. It is totally garish but...I dunno! I just love it :)

  2. I love this colour! Looks really consistent on the nails and easy to wear too!

    1. That is a good way to describe it...consistent! :)

  3. oooh this is really nice! looks like the sea on holiday :P

  4. summery colour! Im so addicted to nail varnish, just bought two new essie ones! xxx

    1. It can't be helped. They need to stop making such pretty colours!

  5. ooo pretty! so mermaid-y yet wearable. makes your hands look so clean and bright!
    essie always surprises me with the occasional shade that just takes my breath away... :)

    rachel xx

  6. Color is very beautiful !!
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