Sunday 29 September 2013

Four Favourites

At the moment I'm all about pink/purple lips or just a nude. I'm kind of over the red and orange lips just because I feel like they never wear very well. That's not to say I won't be obsessing over bright oranges next month but for the time being it's all about pinks and purples and nude if I'm being boring. This little post is just so I can mention some star products I have been impressed by.

Life In New York

I moved to New York really recently to start what is basically my dream internship in my dream city. It's all a bit surreal but I'm loving living here and the company I'm interning it is amazing and everyone has been so lovely. I started working really soon after I got here so I haven't had time to do much around the city but I will make sure to do more New York posts as the time goes on. As it stands, I'm only going to be here for the length of my internship (6 months) but my parents are living here so I would get to return depending on what I'm doing with my life. I have no idea what is going to happen after the 6 months, I might go back to the UK, I might move somewhere else - I just don't know. I just thought I'd do a quick update because obviously it wouldn't make sense if suddenly I started talking about Duane Reade instead of Boots!

Friday 27 September 2013

An Excellent Combo: L'Oréal True Match

I have been meaning to do this post for weeks so apologies for the delay, I've just moved and started a job so I'm a bit busier than normal! When I was a teen, finding a foundation that even remotely suited my skin tone was basically impossible, especially in the drugstore. I still hear a lot of people saying they can't get foundations light enough for them but I'm pretty pale and I've found that the lightest shade from L'Oréal suits me perfectly. I know that you can't always find the lightest shades in the drugstore because of space but you can always buy online etc. L'Oréal True Match has W1-2, N1-2 and C1-2 shades which basically means it caters to different types of pale skin (W being warm, N being neutral and C being cool). Personally, I go for either warm or neutral because they both work well for me but C is a little too pink for my skin tone.

Friday 20 September 2013

About Annie: My Eyebrows

This is a post which will be part of another mini series that I am going to do entitled 'About Annie'. I think where I want to go with these posts is just go over a few things about myself such as the type of skin I have, my hair, eyebrows and what products I think work best for me. I just think this will be good because you can kind of see what products work well for me, and if you are anything like me if they will also work for you. So this is going to be my first post from this mini series and it's going to be about my eyebrows and what works for me.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Inspired By: Diane Kruger

I think Diane Kruger is one of the most beautiful women on the planet today. I mean, she was Helen of Troy (aka 'the face that launched a thousand ships') in the 2004 movie Troy so that kind of says it all. Also just look at that bone structure & I don't know if it's just me but I love a good straight nose. I love her distinct facial features, her body shape, her hair, her style and of course her makeup. Now because I love her so much I thought I would try a look 'inspired' by her, so a kind of minimal, natural look. I used several pictures that I found on Pinterest for a little inspiration board. (By the way if you want to follow me on Pinterest this is the link). Anyway, I hope you like this look! It's supposed to be inspired by and therefore not a total replica of one specific look...

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Easy Peasy Everday Makeup

 Life is a little bit boring at the moment, I'm stuck in London and my boyfriend works so I'm kind of just sat around in his flat all day because the weather is bad and if I can I want to avoid spending money. This is not to say I haven't been leaving the house but I just haven't been doing anything exciting. So I've either been wearing no makeup or really minimal makeup on my boring days.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Autumn Picks: Makeup Edition

 It's always nice to have a little post series in mind to do because it means you're not going to run out of ideas. Autumn is pretty much here so I think it is appropriate to commence an Autumn series which I have really wittily named 'Autumn Picks' - ahem. This post is going to be about some makeup items I think I will get great use out of this Autumn (or every Autumn for that matter).

Saturday 14 September 2013

TAG! The Autumn Tag

I saw this tag over on srslylou's blog (this tag originally came from and I've always loved questionnaires and I always ask people really annoying questions and I like to asked questions get why I'm doing this. I'm also surprisingly looking forward to Autumn/Fall, which is new for me because I tend to just love the Summer.

Friday 13 September 2013

Disappointing Product # 2: KIKO Loud Night Bronzer

So I am not joking when I say this is one of the worst makeup products I have ever tried. When I swatched it in store it seemed so promising and it felt really soft, but when it came to actually using it with a brush on my face it was a different story...

Thursday 12 September 2013

Review: & Other Stories Fig Fiction

I don't live in London or somewhere where this is an & Other Stories store so because I've been staying with my boyfriend pre-'move across the pond', I have been making the most of visiting the shops I won't be able to visit over the next few months. When I first went to & Other Stories I got the Face Contour Creme and a black tshirt dress and last time I got the Fig Fiction Body Scrub and the Body Soufflé- which are the two products I am going to talk to you about today.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

It's Looking Promising: Bahama Mama by theBalm

I'm starting to appreciate bronzers more and I think I have found one that looks pretty darn good. This is a kind of 'first impressions' post rather than a full review about theBalm's Bahama Mama.

Saturday 7 September 2013

Current Hair Favourites # 3

As someone with very fine, bleached hair, I think it is fair to say I really need to look after my hair to keep it in a fairly good condition. I have quite dry hair so I like to use a lot of hair masks and conditioners to keep it in good condition but I also use products to keep my hair looking ashy rather than yellowy. Read on to see what hair products I've been enjoying recently.

Friday 6 September 2013

Decluttering # 2

I moved from Newcastle back home to France in June and I am soon moving again elsewhere. My boyfriend and my mom always accuse me of having too much make up which is undeniably true. The first time I did one of these posts I was really just getting rid of stuff that I just didn't use anymore but in this case it is a little different. I am getting rid of things that I still use but it is true (dare I say it) that no one needs a million red lipsticks, especially if you only wear red lips about once or twice a month such as in my case. I also put some of my makeup in storage and now that I have it back I just think it looks like it has seen better days and I don't like the idea of using makeup that has been sitting around for months.

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