Thursday 27 September 2012

Some Things I Love From The Body Shop

I just thought I would mention a couple of my favourite products from The Body Shop right now because there are some really lovely products that stand out to me.

The first product is the Peach Body Butter which if I am correct only just came out quite recently.
In general I am not a HUGE body butter fan just because I have worked at TBS in the past and kind of got bored of all the smells.
However, I still really like the Cocoa one and this Peach one because I absolutely LOVE the smell of peaches and this is very peachy.
I don't really need to tell you all about the benefits of body butters because I am sure 99% of the people reading this will have heard of or tried them before.

This is my absolute favourite face mask EVER. The Honey & Oat 3-In-1 Scrub Mask works wonders for my particular type of skin (fairly sensitive, very dry). I just put it on for 10-15 mins, let it work it's magic and then take it off with warm water. I do this in circular motions though so I get the scrubby effect.
I find this really hydrating and just a 10/10 product :)

So...yeah. Check me out with the face mask on.


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  1. I'm definitely going to have to pop into The Body Shop to give the Peach Body Butter a sniff! xo


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