Sunday 23 September 2012

What I Got With My Boots Points

I had a load of Boots points so I thought I would get a few bits and bobs that I had my eye on.
These aren't things I particularly needed but just some products I wanted but couldn't justify spending actual money on.

First off I got the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which I am incredibly pleased with. I already have the Real Techniques Buffing Brush but after Estée recommended this one in one of her videos I felt like I was missing out! I use this for foundation when I want more of a full coverage and for any other cream products. I am so impressed by this brush because it gives the most even coverage and it is super soft.

Points: 899

I also got this cream blush by Dainty Doll, which is something new to me because I have never used any Dainty Doll products before. I got the blush called Orange County Girl, which is great because first of all I was attracted to the colour and the name was just the cherry on the top because as some of you may know, I did live in Orange County for a little while. This looks kind of like NARS Orgasm but in a cream and it is really pretty.

Points: 1350

I am weirdly starting to really like false lashes?! So much so that I have been wearing these ones during the day...eek. They actually look super natural and it just looks like a have a few more lashes than usual, because I have got quite a few gaps which is a bit poopy.

Points: 545

The last thing is a Stila eyeshadow and it is a bit of an obvious choice: Kitten.
I actually don't own very many eyeshadows and this one is really pigmented, shimmery and beautiful.
It is super easy to wear and just looks very simple and flattering.

Points: 1200


 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. Everything you picked up looks great, especially the Dainty Doll blusher. I've heard so many good things about the Real Techniques brushes! xo

  2. stila kitten has been on my wishlist for forever too! and real techniques brushes... you picked some good stuff here :)
    btw love your pop of orange on your nails!

    rachel x

  3. Really great choices! Plus you reminded me that I have Boots points to spend :) Really want the Real Techniques starter set, its been on my wishlist for a while.

  4. Nice nailzzz. I really wanna try something from Dainty Doll! x

  5. You chose some lovely things to spend your points on! I'm a bit of a hoarder with mine and don't like spending them, I'm not sure why! I really want to try some Dainty Doll products, they look lovely, you'll have to let us know how you get on with that one! :)
    Eleanor x

    1. I was a points hoarder too but I couldn't stop myself :(


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