Saturday 5 October 2013

Obsessed With # 6: Wet N Wild 'Walking On Eggshells'

 I recently got this eyeshadow trio from Duane Reade, I wasn't intending on buying that day but when I saw how cheap this was (a couple of dollars before tax), I couldn't help myself. When I could've but really I have basically no self control. This is the Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio in 'Walking On Eggshells'.

I wore this eyeshadow in my recent 'Four Favourites' post, if you want to see how they look on all together. I have already talked about this eyeshadow trio in that post, but I feel like they deserve a post of their own. What I like about these, is that they are shimmery without being glittery and the colours are really wearable. There aren't that many Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes that appeal to me but I'm all about these kinds of shadows: neutral and wearable. They blend like a dream and feel really buttery with basically no fall-down. I would actually say that these are nicer in terms of texture than any MAC eyeshadows I have tried. I do use these in the eyelid areas advised by Wet N Wild - I think it's a nice touch to have 'Browbone', 'Crease' and 'Eyelid' on the different shadows because if you're a novice then this kind of thing would come in handy.

The packaging is pretty cheap as expected and the two little brushes that it comes with were thrown directly in the bin. I hate those kind of spongey eyeshadow applicators and the brush with hairs is just a bit pathetic! I used my MAC 217 (so original) for this and an Elf Contour Brush which I love and is good for placing eyeshadow in a really precise way.

I highly recommend picking this up if you live in the United States or asking a friend or relative visiting to pick one up for you! It's hardly going to break the bank :)


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  1. This is one of my all time favorite drugstore shadow trios! I use it almost everyday :-D

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. I don't have this specific one but these palettes are great x

    1. I might try some bolder eyeshadows like the purples and colours you use :)

  3. Excactly the colours I like, It's a pity they don't sell where I live :/

  4. When will Wet N Wild come to Australia hmmm xxx
    Life of Verity

  5. I bought a similar Wet N Wild trio in NY in January and I really wish I'd picked up more. So pleasantly surprised with the quality!

    Katie |

  6. I have to agree with you the Wet & Wild eyeshadows are so good. I have a couple of the trio's and love using them. The colours are pigmented and are such good quality for the price.

  7. What a gorgeous palette, I have a few wet and wild palettes that I brought back from the USA but I wish hey we're available in the uk, such amazing quality!

  8. I love this one too, live in the UK but order it via ebay from the US. Wish all of Wet n Wild was more available in the UK


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