Monday 28 October 2013

Disappointing Product # 4: MAC Prep & Prime (Eye)

 I'm mainly annoyed at myself for not buying a MAC Paint Pot instead of the MAC Prep & Prime ($19//£12.50) because I was hesitating and I still have never tried out a Paint Pot. This is a good colour and it's cancels out any blue tones on my lids but the problem is that...
it kind of creases like a b*tch on me! And I don't particularly have problems with creasing if my skin is acting normal on me.

I got this in 'Light' which is the lightest shade and I said, the colour is fine. Okay so when I say it creases like a b*tch, I basically mean that it creases a bit and I've tried other primers that work a lot better. I also find that it doesn't help with colour longevity or vibrancy, so it's just not a winner for me but that doesn't put me off trying the Paint Pots because I have heard they are amazeballs. I haven't tried that many primers - what primer do you use? I've heard the NARS one is good...

I like to use Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Barely Branded ($6.99) under my shadows (if I can be bothered!).

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I'm sorry it was such a disappointment! I can't stand creasing, so annoying. I usually wear their paint pot in painterly as a primer and it works super well, have you tried it?
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

    1. It's not the worst thing I've ever used :) I just don't love it!

    2. (Also no I haven't tried any of the paint pots!)

  2. I use Artdeco eyeshadow base and is soooo good - no creasing, eyeshadow lasts very long and the colour is more vibrant :)

  3. that sucks! I've actually heard some bad reviews about this mac prep and prime.. I don't really like any mac base product or skincare ones :/



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