Friday 27 September 2013

An Excellent Combo: L'Oréal True Match

I have been meaning to do this post for weeks so apologies for the delay, I've just moved and started a job so I'm a bit busier than normal! When I was a teen, finding a foundation that even remotely suited my skin tone was basically impossible, especially in the drugstore. I still hear a lot of people saying they can't get foundations light enough for them but I'm pretty pale and I've found that the lightest shade from L'Oréal suits me perfectly. I know that you can't always find the lightest shades in the drugstore because of space but you can always buy online etc. L'Oréal True Match has W1-2, N1-2 and C1-2 shades which basically means it caters to different types of pale skin (W being warm, N being neutral and C being cool). Personally, I go for either warm or neutral because they both work well for me but C is a little too pink for my skin tone.

I used to use L'Oréal True Match foundations way before I really got into makeup and if I remember correctly, the shade range wasn't amazing (in France anyway) and I don't think I ever loved it. I then stopped using it (as one does) and kind of forgot about it until I heard Mary from Another Girl's Life talk about it on her YouTube channel. I personally don't like Rimmel foundations but everyone else seems to so I was put off drugstore foundations until now.

The reason why I love this foundation is because not only does it work my for my skin tone but it is supposed to adapt to and mimic the texture of your skin. So it looks really natural. I also love the True Match Lumi Foundation but that is definitely for another day. I use the True Match Concealer too (I think I have the lightest shade which is Vanilla) and although I don't think it's high coverage enough for blemishes (I don't find concealers are ever good at two jobs), I really like it for under my eyes because it's not too cakey or too drying. Another thing I like about both products is that they're not matte. If you've been reading my ridiculous blog for long enough you will most likely know that I hate matte makeup in general really. I can deal with the occasional matte blush or eyeshadow but really I go for dewiness, largely because I have annoyingly dry skin.

The only downfall for the foundation is that I think the US packaging is different from in the UK (I bought mine in the UK so the picture above is UK packaging). I just prefer to have a pump because it's less messy and it's easier to control the amount of product you get. But that is really it.

So that is it! I think if you've got either really pale or really dark skin and you want a drugstore, affordable foundation and concealer then you should definitely check out the ones by L'Oréal because the shade range is basically unbeatable.


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  1. I hear a lot about this foundation and although it didn't work for me, I think the colour range is amazing for a drugstore brand and I loved Loreals Lumi xxx
    Life of Verity

    1. I've heard mixed reviews but personally, I love it but I do think it works better with a primer underneath :)

  2. I'm super pale so I recently invested in a bottle of Face Atelier zero minus.. I add a few drops to any foundation and it works brilliantly for lightening the colour! It's great during this time of year when I'm not wearing any fake tan!

  3. I need to try this, I do love a good pale high street foundation!

    1. Hopefully you can get the pale shades in Boots or Superdrug :)

  4. I have been wanting to try this for a while now.. so glad I came across your review!

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