Friday 20 September 2013

About Annie: My Eyebrows

This is a post which will be part of another mini series that I am going to do entitled 'About Annie'. I think where I want to go with these posts is just go over a few things about myself such as the type of skin I have, my hair, eyebrows and what products I think work best for me. I just think this will be good because you can kind of see what products work well for me, and if you are anything like me if they will also work for you. So this is going to be my first post from this mini series and it's going to be about my eyebrows and what works for me.

I have fairly sparse eyebrows just because I'm not a very hair person *TMI* and I did pluck away at them when I was a young teen. Although, when I look back at pre-plucking photos I would say that they have pretty much grown back but this does not mean they always do! Case in point: my mother (sorry to get you involved- yes, she sneakily reads my blog). I am also quite fair so although my natural hair colour is not blonde (it's a kind of mid-brown thing I think), a lot of my brow hairs are blond so you can't see them unless they are dyed. Now I never actually used to dye my eyebrows until I did it for the first time in the Summer that has just gone by. I actually couldn't believe what a difference dyeing my eyebrows made. I know not everyone will like the whole bright blonde hair and dark eyebrows combo but I feel weird with lighter eyebrows. It also depends on what makeup I'm doing that day.

If I'm going for a full on smokey eye or something like that I will use something lighter in my brows to even things out a bit and so I don't look like a drag queen. In this case I will either use MAC Omega eyeshadow on a MAC 266 brush or I will use the L'Oréal Brow Artist Super Liner in 02 Blonde. With the latter I will use the wax which comes on one end of the pencil, otherwise I will always use a brow gel and the one I've been using for quite a while now is the Brow Mousse by Tweezerman. I like this brow gel because it holds your eyebrows in place without making them really hard or shiny or flakey. I also like the fact that it doesn't come in a transparent tube because that always looks gross. If I'm going for a more natural look, I always find that I look weird with lighter brows because I just look polished enough. If I want a darker brow I will mix MAC Omega with The Body Shop Brow Liner Kit (shade 02) in the darker, ashy shade. I personally don't like scouse brows and I don't like over plucked brows so I don't really ever pluck mine. I quite like having the odd stray hair here and there because I think it makes it all look a bit more natural!

That was a real ramble. What do you use on your brows?

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  1. I'm super envious of your brows, I think they always look fabulous! I'm not very good at looking after mine, I pluck away at the stray hairs but for the most part I leave them to it - my glasses cover them most of the time ;) I'm SO lazy haha

    Jennie xo |

    1. Aw thanks. Without them being filled they're a bit pathetic...

  2. I love your brows! I get my brows threaded every now and then just to tidy them up as I don't trust myself with tweezers! I use MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering and set with MAC Omega and (clear) brow gel like yourself. I also have mid-toned blonde hair and my brows are slightly darker naturally, so I find using lingering makes all the difference to defining my face!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  3. Your eyebrows are fab! I use tweezerman tweezers to tidy my brows up and use MAC charcoal brown with a 266 brush to fill them in.

    Rachael |

  4. Your brows are GORGEOUS! I might try out that brow mousse... I use benefit's brow zing and I really like it but sometimes I feel like I need a gel or something over the powder and I haven't had any luck with any drugstore brand gels and I haven't wanted to shell out the money for the anastasia brow gels. Sorry that was a bit of a ramble, but you're gorgeous!

    sundays grace

  5. I've only started using eyeshadow to fill in my brows a few weeks ago. Such a hassle, since I was used to a quick swiped of pencil, but so worth it. It looks a lot more natural. Thanks for the tips! xx

  6. Such a lovely post! I love your brows they are so nice and suit your face! Great post and you have given me lots of products ideas as we are similar skin tones!

    Lyndsey xxx

  7. Your brows are lovely, the MAC 266 is a great brow brush xx

  8. you're so prettyyyyy :')


  9. Lovely series idea! I think your brows look great so these products are obviously working well for you. I'm never happy with mine, they are always too thick or too thin. I want a goldilocks brow goddammit!

  10. i don't usually use eyeshadow for my eyebrows but i will!
    thanks for the tips!



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