Saturday 17 August 2013

Recent Purchases # 8

So I got a few things. I went shopping in Spain in San Sebastian (holler at me if you've been there before) and clothes tend to be cheaper in Spain so yeah, this happened. My buys were from Zara, KIKO, The Body Shop and Hakei. If you want to see what I got then be my guest and read on!

Black Cutout Boots (Zara): €69.95 EU
WHY ARE THESE NOT ONLINE?! Anyway, I'm sure they're in store if you're looking for something like these boots. I was looking for some black, everyday boots and I liked the cutout detail on these and I feel like they will go with lots of outfits.

Red Skull Slipper Shoes (Hakei): €79.95 €29.99 EU
Again I can't find these online but these were on sale so that could be why. I love skulls and I've seen lots of shoes like these around so for €29.99, I can't really fault these! Hakei is a Spanish brand and I'm pretty sure they only have shops in Spain but they do have an online shop.

 Printed Batwing Tshirt (Zara) - €19.95 EU//£19.99 GB//$35.90 US
 I love tops that you can just pull on with a pair of jeans and you know it fits you well and flatters you. I also quite like clothes that have a bit of a sporty edge so this just kind of caught my eye really.

Blazer With Roll-Up Cuffs (Zara) - €39.95 EU//£49.99 UK//$79.90 US
I'm starting work in about a month so I've been looking for a few work appropriate pieces and I liked this blazer because it's also casual enough to just wear with some jeans during the day - especially because of the roll-up sleeves.

White Tank Dress (Zara) - €5.99 EU
Again, I couldn't find this online but to be honest it's not very exciting. I got this to go under maybe dresses that are too sheer or too short.   

Brazil Nut Body Mist (The Body Shop) - €10 €5 EU//£7.50 UK//$12 $6 US  
There was 50% off the body mists (although online it says they are €11?) and I love the smell of the Brazil Nut range because it has a really warm, almost chocolatey scent. According to the British website, this one is limited edition which is pretty sad! But products always make a reappearance at The Body Shop so we'll see about that.

Loud Night Bronzer in 02 Silky Mat Tan (KIKO) - €14.90 EU//£14.90 UK
The only bronzer I have at the moment is by Soap & Glory and although I really like it, I wanted something a bit less subtle, darker and matte. I swatched this instore and it felt super soft and finely milled as well as being matte so I'm glad I got this. It came in another shade called 01 Supple Satin Honey which had a little shimmer in it.

And that is all! Have you got any of these?


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  1. Ooh! Lovelies! That blazer is perfection! And that bronzer palette is so beautiful.
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

  2. Looove the slippers and blazer :-)

    1. Me too! But I guess that's no surprise ;)

  3. How beautiful are those boots?! Ahh I want!! xo

    Rachael |

    1. I know, I'd seen them before and really wanted them!

  4. Nice purchases!

  5. Love that blazer! I'm looking for a loose fitting black one, I will have to go look in Zara next time (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  6. Those cutout boots are so spunky!! haha
    Also loving the blazer :)

  7. your blazer looks so pretty, good luck with starting work! and that body shop bronzer looks promising - kind of reminds me of a physicians formula one that i saw recently :) great haul!

    rachel x

    1. It's from KIKO ;) I'm looking forward to trying it out

  8. In loved with your haul! May I steal them from you :P Tee hee! Will follow u on bloglovin. You are so beautiful btw hehe



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