Tuesday 20 August 2013

Disappointing Product # 1: B. Radiant Illuminating Foundation

Left: Blended, Right: Not blended

I don't often complain about products but with the amount I rave about products I think are great I think it's only honest to talk about the products I haven't fallen for as well. This is the B. Radiant Illuminating Foundation in 'Linen' and you can get this from Superdrug. The name of this foundation is what sold it for me because I love a radiant finish but overall I haven't really taken to this for several reasons.
 I think this was the lightest shade of the bunch and when I say 'bunch', I mean there were only five shades which is pretty despicable really. When I swatched it in store I thought it looked like an okay colour match and it did look quite dewy and radiant on my hand. However, when I used it on my face the next day I noticed that it actually looks really pink/orange a few minutes after it has been applied. Having returned to look at the other shades, it would seem that they all actually lean pretty pink and considering mine seemed to go pinker on my skin after a few minutes I would expect the other shades do the same. So apart from the bad colour range, what other problems did I have with it you ask? Well, I don't think any powder products sat particularly nicely on top of the product, such as my bronzer and blusher. I found that the foundation didn't seem to really set which is probably why powder products just didn't work on top. I would say this is one of those radiant products that is only radiant because it is actually wet on your face which is no good really is it? I can't say I like the packaging or anything else about this and I didn't see anything else from this brand that looked particularly appealing to me. Another thing I have a problem with is not solely to do with this particular problem but the whole brand... I don't actually understand what the brand is called? Is it 'B.'? Is it 'B. is for Beautiful'? Is it 'B. Live Life Beautifully'? I just don't get it.

Have you tried anything from this unknown brand? Do you know what it is actually called?


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  1. ^^^^ Put cho hands up if you think leaving a message like this is rude!

    1. I'd delete it if I was you! She is using comments to be selfish for free advertising.

  2. Boo! I've never tried this product, but I think it's good to have reviews of products you don't like too! Not all products are loves!

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

    1. I find I usually like most things I buy but it can't always be great!

  3. What a pity! I've heard great things about the skincare from that line, too.


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