Saturday 14 June 2014

Recent Purchases # 10

I don't know if I've mentioned my skin issues recently but it's pretty bad. My skin is not on its best behavior so 75% of my makeup application at the moment is being spent on trying to make my skin look half decent. Actually I'm kind of disliking everything about my appearance at the moment but that's a bit self indulgent so let's not go into the fact that I hate my hair and my eye shape and crappy eyebrows... oops too late.

First off I got a bit of an Avene trio going on (props to my friend Deniz for the suggestion). The first thing is the Cleanance Mask, which I really like and actually use because it's not uncomfortable and tight when it's on but you can feel it really tackling any nasty blemishes. The second product is the Thermal Spring Water Soothing Serum because I was using Hydraluron but I really don't like it very much (I now use it liberally on my neck instead). I like this serum because it's light in texture, it's not sticky and it really does soothe irritated skin. The last product from Avene is the Cleanance K Cream-Gel (I know my gurl Meg from Lipssofacto is a fan <3), which is basically an exfoliant gel that is best to put on overnight. I have found when I was using this that it did make a real difference to the smoothness of my skin. Yes, I said when I 'was using' this. Past tense. That is because I saw a derm recently who has given me samples to try so I am currently using those to see if my little acne case will be disappear. Those were my Duane Reade buys, now onto Sephora...

At Sephora I got the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Perfume Rollerball because it's je die perfection and you just need to go smell it. I also got the Nirvana White Mini Rollerball as a 100 point perk which also smells divine but the Black verj is my favorite. I also got the uh-maze Sephora Pro Airbrush # 55 which is kind of weird to use at first because it has a really long handle and the hairs are quite long - but when you get used to it you'll find it blends our foundation and face makeup seamlessly. I kind of want to get rid of all my other foundation brushes. I also hate my hair at the moment so I'm trying different poos and cons to try and make it look half okay ish so I got the Living Proof Full Conditioner and you know what? I really want the shampoop now too because this makes my hair manageable, soft and not totally lifeless so I'm a fan. I'm not someone who can consistently use the same shampoops and conditioners because I feel like my hair always becomes immune after a while.

Ew too many words, this post is over. Big love.

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  1. I have heard so much about the Sephora brush but have yet to try it. I primarily own Real Techniques brushes but I'm definitely interested in trying more Sephora brushes. They sound quite lovely! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  2. I've heard good things about the Avene serum! I might have to pick it up in the Escentual french pharmacy sale.


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