Wednesday 30 January 2013

50 Things About Me

1. My name is Annie

2. I was born in Birmingham, England

3. I lived in France for 10 years, and it is still my family's home

4. <-- My favourite number

5. I went to boarding school for two years in Bristol

6. When I was 15-17 I lived in Orange County, California

7. Just the look of raspberries makes me want to hurl

8. I am a vegetarian/pescetarian 

9. My favourite cheese is goat's cheese

10. I am ridiculously messy

11. I collect limited edition coke bottles

12. My favourite colours are gold and dark purple

13. My favourite type of music is probably...hip-hop (and this is no lie)

14. I don't like tulips

15. Mashed potato wins vs chips

16. My favourite places are NYC, Hawaii, Paris, Amsterdam and London

17. I used to be a badass bitch in school (or so I thought) and I was asked to leave my secondary school

18. I then turned into a bit of a nerd

19. I will drink Disaronno with everything & anything

20. I used to have a black, three-legged cat (RIP Phoebz)

21. My age

22. As well as studying English Literature, I am currently a Fashion PR intern

23. I come across as quite shy and introverted but I am quietly (very) confident

24. I am a total food snob

25. I am totally comfortable with being a bit of a feminist. Who doesn't want equality huh?

26. We have Giant Asian Hornets in my garden in the south of France

27. I have a fear of frogs/bugs/sea creatures/raspberries (as stated above)

28. If I am swimming/in the pool, I can't have anyone near me or touching me- I am almost scared of water but not quite

29. I think McDo fries dipped into a McFlurry is divine

30. My boyfriend is a dentist (score)

31. I am a fake blonde even though it looks really natural (just kidding)

32. I really don't like anything Cath Kidston and I'm not a fan of pink

33. I have an old sand-coloured lab called Fizz

34. I am a total night owl. I rarely go to bed before 2am

35. My favourite movies are Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Intouchables (french movie), La Haine, Harvey, Pocahontas...

36. My favourite books are On The Road, Life of Pi, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...

37. I really want to like red wine but I'm all about white and rosé

38. I faint incredibly easily and I'm very squeamish, although I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger

39. I'm not scared of heights, but walking up lots of stairs or up a mountain makes me feel light-headed and often causes me to faint- even if I'm not tired

40. I get panic attacks- I used to think I had a heart problem until I went to the doctor about it

41. The only ice-cream I like is coconut or mint choc chip

42. I still go to Disneyland Paris on a regular basis

43. My favourite foods are Italian, French, American and Sushi (although I am sure it is the Americanised stuff I like)

44. I have been on one-day trips to Tijuana, Mexico and Sydney, Australia

45. I have two sisters and a brother

46. I'm not very sporty but I used to take ice-skating lessons until my local ice-rink blew up

47. I used have really bad acne, greasy hair and be pretty chubz

48. I am roughly 5'6

49. I'm a city girl. Always have been, always will be

50. I'm glad this is over- I need to go to the bathroom!

...oh and I used to have a nose piercing.


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  1. Loved this post. Two of my fave places are NYC & Amsterdam, Im hoping to move to Amsterdam next year. Its such a beautiful city. I am a big city girl to. Its where I feel most alive and inspired.
    Great post :o)

  2. Well I don't really understand your phobia of raspberries, but interesting post haha! You're so lucky to of been to so many places!

  3. Yay! I loved reading this! Raspberries are just so yummy though!

    Jennie xo |

  4. aaah disaronno is the best!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the UD naked basics palette, real techniques brushes and essie polishes! click here.

  5. Hello darling, I think your life is super super interesting... I'd love to have a house in France even if ive never been there :)

  6. Hello. I love your blog it's tres chic! you are so inspiring!Fizz is adorable and so is Phoebe :)keep at it gurl ;P x


    2. You need to take my blog seriously #justkidding


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