Wednesday 5 June 2013

Boots Points Purchase

I don't have money at the moment to spend on shopping/frivolous things so I was happy when I saw I had enough Boots points to spend. It kind of meant I could pretend I was splurging although no money was actually leaving my account which is always nice. One item is a repurchase, one is something I got a sample of and decided I wanted in full size and the other I got on a whim. So without further ado here are the three products I got from Boots with my points.

L'Oréal Lumi Magique Concealer
This is the product I bought on a total whim; I was drawn to the sleek, rose gold packaging. I think the aesthetic of this is really clever because it looks quite expensive and you don't often get rose gold packaging which made this stand out to me even though I had never really considered it before. This costs £8.49 but I was wanting the Anti-Redness CC Cream and there was a 2 for £15 offer on some of the L'Oréal products so I went for this as well. I got this in the shade 1 or 'Light' and it's a nice match for underneath my eyes, down the centre of my nose and on the tops of my cheeks. So far I am quite happy with it, I think it is a nice product and my Lightening Touch Pen by The Body Shop is running low so this will replace that. I wouldn't recommend this as an under eye concealer if you have really dark circles because it is quite lightweight but I think it is lovely for brightening up any areas.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
For some reason this isn't on the Boots website so I was wondering if it had been discontinued following the release of the new Healthy Mix Foundation (which I also love) but when I went into the store I found it (RELIEF). I have almost finished my first bottle of this and I couldn't stand having a day without the option of wearing this as my base. Which I know is incredibly sad, especially because I do have plenty other options but this is just my all-time favourite drugstore foundation. I personally quite like drugstore foundations but only really the ones by Bourjois, L'Oréal and Revlon. I find Rimmel ones to be too orange or too dark but this one (in Light Vanilla) is great for me. It is slightly more yellow-toned and it is pretty fair. In the summer I will mix it with a bit of my Bourjois Bronzing BB Cream. I love the texture of this, it is a really smooth, gel texture which just glides over your skin without clogging up pores or clinging onto dry patches. I like it just as much as my YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat which costs three times the price (although I do justify it because it is beautiful). This retails in Boots at £10.99 and is worth every penny in my opinion.

L'Oréal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Redness
I initially tried this because L'Oréal had this thing going on their website where you could claim a free sample of one of their new CC creams. I tried this one because although my face isn't super red, it can get a little pink on my cheeks so I thought it would be nice for days when I don't want to wear a heavy weight foundation. When you first squeeze the product out of the tube it is bright green (think Shrek or Elphaba from Wicked) but as you rub it into your skin it turns into a skin toned shade. I find that this is great for toning down redness and correcting the different tones in your skin instead of masking them. I don't think something like this would be suitable for people with problem skin who need more coverage. This costs £9.99 which is not cheap but you only need a small amount, especially if you are going to wear it as a base underneath your foundation so it is pretty reasonable. I generally think L'Oréal products are priced rather well considering the quality and the amount of skin research that goes into their products. They never seem to let me down!
**I actually tried this on my boyfriend's burnt nose today and on his cheeks and I can honestly say his skin no longer looked burnt and his skin looked really good (sorry Mark).**

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  1. Have you tried the Lumi Magique Primer? It's luffly!

  2. I have the Lumi Magique pen too (actually 2 in light and medium) and I use mine as more of a highlighter too! I was admittedly drawn to the packaging too! haha. Thanks for the reviews, if I find the cc cream im going to buy!!

  3. I have this foundation and it's amazing :) xx

  4. I love using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum.
    I used to be obsessed with the other one but this one is even more amazing.
    Really hope it hasn't been discontinued, can't find it in my local Boots!

    Following your blog, really enjoyed reading this post. Always eye up the other two products and this has made me want them even more. Wanting to try the anti-dull one though.

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