Saturday 6 April 2013

Recent Purchases # 6 - Zara Edition

I did some shopping in Zara in Spain (it's cheaper there so I tend to buy the majority of my clothes from Zara there) and I thought I'd just show you what I got! Zara is my favourite high-street, cheap store because I think they do great basics and a lot of their clothes feel and look a lot more luxurious and expensive than they actually are.

Green Dress - €29.95
I love this green dress because it's really flattering as it's in the skater dress style. I also think the colour is really nice and the cross back detail at the back is a nice touch.

Grey Crop T-Shirt - €12.95
This isn't something I needed but I love grey tops and I thought this one would look nice with a high waisted skirt or jeans. 

White & Neon Yellow Sweater - €29.95
I love that kind of sport-luxe look and I thought this would add a nice pop of colour when I'm just wearing black trousers or jeans. It will be useful for in the spring/summer when it's too cold for a tshirt but too warm for a proper jumper.

Faux Leather Skirt - €19.95
I've been looking around for a plain black skirt and this one fit nicely and was so cheap that it just made sense to get it.

Tiger T-Shirt - €12.95
This reminds me of Kenzo tops which I absolutely love but I can't justify spending money on whilst I'm a student. I just thought it was cute for the price and I'll get a lot of wear out of it in the spring and summer. 

Handbag - €49.95
Everyone seems to have this handbag in black and I originally wanted the black one but when I saw they had it in this colour I figured it would be more useful because I already have a black bag I really like. Also because it's not real leather it will probably get a bit battered and I guess it will be less noticeable the lighter the bag is? Right? Either way I hope this lasts a while because it will be so useful for taking my laptop around with me.

Shoes - €39.95
Completely influenced by Chelsea, I cracked when I saw these shoes in Zara. They are completely uncomfortable and impossible to walk in but I just thought they looked so elegant and unlike any other shoes I own so I don't even care. I think these are so beautiful and I'm loving the dainty stiletto shoes that are around at the moment. This is my favourite buy despite the fact that I just can't walk in them.


 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. heels that are too pretty to pass up but also impossible to walk in... the things us girls do for fashion ;) high 5 to that!
    love your haul, adorable green dress, it'll look so elegant with your new brown bag :)

    rachel x

    1. I know - when I wear them I'll have to take out some flats in my bag!

  2. The shoes are lovely, think I made need to pop in to Zara in the near future!! Just need some sun as I just want to buy pretty summer clothes not winter coats haha


    1. They have loads of amazing shoes at the moment! I WANT THEM ALL.

  3. Haha I have the same shoes and find them so uncomfortable too! They're OK for sitting down in and looking pretty, but not so ideal for walking haha- oh well! I really want the leather skirt and tiger t-shirt too, great finds :)

    C x |

    1. I haven't worn them yet but when I will it's gon be paaaaiiiinfuuuuul. I usually wear really clumpy, comfy heels :/

  4. Those shoes look lovely!

  5. I've wanted those shoes for some time. I'm surprised to hear that they are actually really uncomfortable. They are beautiful though, I see why you couldn't resist.


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