Sunday 19 August 2012

Recent Purchases - UPDATED

I have been shopping AGAIN. Do not judge me.

 Brand: American Vintage
Price: €57 with 40% off.

This is a lightweight, cotton, charcoal grey long t-shirt dress that I found in a small boutique shop in France which holds different brands. I like American Vintage (is this a french thing?) because the clothes are always a really lovely quality without a hefty price tag. I definitely didn't need this, but I thought it would just be a great, good quality staple for my wardrobe.

Brand: Converse
Price: €45

So I got these the day me and my mom were about to have my cat put down and we needed a bit of cheering up. I already have a pair of white, leather Converse so really I just got a pair because I wanted them and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Brand: Zara
Price: €79.99

Oh my goodness. I have been looking around for a leather tote and when I saw this one, I thought it was perfect. It is real leather (gotta get the real deal), really plain, apart from the zip details, and will just be perfect for university. You can either carry it like a tote, or use the longer strap and have the bag folded over.

Brand: Zara
Price: €19.99 down from €35.99

I saw this, it was the last one, it was my size, I fell in love. (Yes, I am an English Literature student and I just wrote that awful sentence- thanks 50 Shades of Grey). This is a beautiful floor length, sheer, black dress with gorgeous lace detailing. It has an opaque black skirt so I ain't showing the world my knic-knocks, and honestly, it is perfection. It is so flattering and just absolutely stunning.

Brand: Zara
Price: €9.99 from €25.99

I don't really OWN any 'going-out' dresses or anything 'bodycon' because I usually hate that kind of thing. However, when I saw this it ticked all the boxes for me because I think it is quite versatile. It has a open back, cut out detail and I think the print makes it quite interesting. I think it COULD look totally tacky and cheap if worn in a certain way but I am hoping I could make it work for me.

Brand: Zara
Price: €5.99 from €15.99

This is really plain, and really boring. I know. BUT! I needed something like to wear under things like the dress above. It has a low back, and I just think this is going to come in handy.

That is all...for now.

OH! No it's not!

Brand: Zara
Price: €15.99 from €35.99

There was only one of these left and was luckily in a size S. This is in a bright, neon yellow colour and I think it will look really cute with SNEAKERS. (Tennis player style)

Brand: Zara
Price: €19.99

I am not a leggings type of person (that sounds like a dig at legging wearers), but I just find they usually look pretty unflattering. However, these ones are high waisted, quite thick and the pockets SOMEHOW make them more flattering on me. I just thought they would be really comfy for travelling and are quite easy to wear.

Brand: Zara
Price: ARGH NOT SURE! About €1-€2

I know, socks are not super duper interesting BUT I DO HAVE A THING FOR FRILLY SOCKS.

I promise that is all.


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  1. Amazing purchases - I love that Zara dress :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  2. You got some really lovely things. How great is Zara at the moment? I was in there two days ago and wanted about 5 things, if only! I love your converse, dying to get a new pair myself, they go with almost everything! :)



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