Friday 17 August 2012

Ode To Phoebe

Today is a sad day!
My 12 year old cat is being put down.

I feel the need to serenade her in some sort of way.

Her story: 
I got her 12 years ago when I was 9, we were her second owners because she had been with a neglectful family. She started off as a bit of a nervous cat and had a lot of problems with her skin scabbing over probably due to her nervous condition. Five years ago, when I was living in California, she developed a sarcoma on her hip bone and had to have one of her back legs removed. 

Since that happened, she became a lot more confident and had a new joie-de-vivre. (SHE WAS A SURVIVOR- queue Destiny's Child).

In December, we found a lump on her back. The vet guestimated she had about three months to live. 
Eight months later, she has become increasingly ill, is constantly hungry and uncomfortable and so we have decided it is time to say adieu.

(our doggy Fizz is going to be truly upset)

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