Wednesday 1 August 2012

Oops. I Went Shopping.

I went back to San Sebastian in Spain this week with my family and got a few pieces of clothing considering it's the end of the sales.

I had been looking for a pair of black trousers for ages so when I found this pair (the last pair happened to be my size) in Massimo Dutti, I was pretty pleased. The fit is lovely and they fit me perfectly so I am really glad I came across this pair. I really like the faux leather detail on these - it just makes them that little bit more interesting.
Also when we got to the till they turned out to be down to €15, which is MAD cheap.

The next thing I got is from Zara and it's this cardigan/jacket which is in a cream colour and is super soft. I just though this would be nice to pull on when I am wearing my new black jeans with a plain top.

The next thing I got is also from Zara and it's these shorts which are in an off-white colour and have rose gold hardware on them. They are made of a pretty strange plastic-y type material which I kind of like. Most of my shorts are high waisted so I wanted a pair that are just easy to pull with a bikini or any top, because they go with pretty much anything.

And that is all! I will be going back to Spain (my holiday house is about 20/30 mins away from San Sebastian) soon so I am sure I will be picking up some more bits and bobs. (My excuse is that I am helping out their economy).


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