Tuesday 1 May 2012

Skin Heroes Review

I kindly got sent some face masks (which as you might know, is exciting for me because I am a big fan of face masks) by a company called Montagne Jeunesse.
You might not recognise the name but it's those face masks you get in Boots in the sachets! (They are also available in ASDA now if any of you happen to shop there...)

They have a new range of called Skin Heroes.
With these ones you get TWO DIFFERENT products in each sachet, you get the face mask and then a sort of cream/moisturiser to pop on afterwards.

I think this is a great idea because who doesn't put on moisturiser after wearing a face mask anyway? So it's great to get to use one that matches the face mask if you know what I mean. As a vegetarian and having grown up in a household where mama raspberphobia encouraged me to eat more natural foods, I am happy that these are 100% suitable for veggies and contain a lot of natural ingredients.

So let's move onto the actual face masks themselves...

Dry Skin Mask

This was the first one I tried (pictured in the middle). I have extremely dry skin so I thought this would be my favourite but actually it wasn't, although I did like the way it felt on my skin. Sometimes face masks feel really drying and make you skin feel tight but this is a more creamy texture so it feels really nice on and smells delicious and fruity. It didn't dry my skin out, and left it fairly hydrated so I did quite enjoy this one.

Break-Out Mask

This one was my favourite! (4th from left) I do not really suffer from break-outs particularly but after a (rare) night out I decided to pop this on because I had a few unwelcome friends. Now I do not usually like the smell of tea tree or anything really strong like that but THIS smelt so fresh and revitalising. It helped so much with my problem skin that unfortunate wednesday morning and I would definitely buy this!

De-Clog Nose Pore Strips

(Fifth from left) As I have said, I have dry skin so open pores are not usually a problem for me. However! They are for my boyfriend so we popped some of these on together. It smelt really lovely and citrus-y. I won't go into the details but if you have big pores then I would recommend these for getting all know, stuff out. My nose looked pretty nice the next day (pretty hydrated too which is a plus).

T-Zone Peel Off

(First on left) I don't have a shiny T-Zone, I really don't. 
I did use this however, and all I'm sayin' is that my nose looked great and felt really soft after using the strips and then this. Smells delicious and I love masks that you peel off. It is so satisfying.

Shine Control

OKAY ONCE AGAIN, this isn't a problem for me! I got my boyfriend to test this one out as he gets a pretty shiny nose (cute, right). This is great for getting rid of excess oil and that shiny-look. It didn't dry out his skin either so this is a good one for all you shiny folks.

Overall, this range is really good. 
It really targets skin problems that a lot of people get and the idea of putting an after cream in the packet as well is a really great idea.
My only criticism is that there is a bit too much product in the packets, which really is not that much of a criticism anyway.

I will certainly be purchasing the break-out mask again for the mornings after the night before.
If you want to find out a bit more, check out the Skin Heroes Range  on their website.

                                                                                                             *PR sample


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