Wednesday 2 May 2012

April Favourites (All New!)

In this post I am focusing on telling you about my favourite products that I used in April, but only the ones that are NEW to me, as in recent purchases. Otherwise this would be incredibly long and boring.

123 Perfect foundation by Bourjois
I am running out of my usual foundation, I saw this in Boots on a promotion because it has just recently come out, so it had £4 off or something like that.
I got it in colour 51 which is a bit too dark for me but hey, summer is coming. I am not going to go into the scientifics of it but it has yellow, mauve and green tones for cancelling out dark circles, dullness, redness etc...
It has an SPF of 10 which is a little bit low for me but it's better than nothing!
So you think I don't sound impressed eh eh eh?
I basically like this because it gives great coverage, and makes my skin look a lot healthier, especially since I just dyed my hair a little bit darker. It is worth the £6-£7 I paid for it.

Garnier Roll On Concealer
Currently finding this to be the best under eye concealer for me, the colour is right and it gives just the right amount of coverage for my dark circles.

Gosh Eyebrow Pen in Dark Brown
Essiebutton got me hooked on this! I feel like my brows look more natural with this because it is easier to mimic the look of real hairs with the fine point. It is also a really quick, easy way to create fuller looking brows.

Real Techniques Brushes
I have the stippling, blusher and foundation brushes. In love with the stippling brush for liquid foundation and cream blush. The blusher brush makes putting on blusher so much easier, because it distributes the product evenly and THE BRUSH IS SO SOFT. I like the foundation brush because it is dense and small, just how I like it.

Cargo Cheek Activator
This is like a white cream that once you start to apply on your cheeks turns into a pretty pinky gold colour and is supposed to help plump up your skin too. I got it in Boots, there is a 75% off certain Cargo products at the moment. It has a nice sheen and is such a pretty colour.

YSL Glossy Stain in 11
I actually cannot believe this. It really is what it is called, a lip stain that is also glossy.
It does not budge, it does not smudge.
For me, it stays on for HOURS which NEVER happens.

Mac Nicki Lipstick
So I have never owned anything Mac before...yes, I know, this is ridiculous.
I was drawn to this because I had seen it on a few bloggers/vloggers and thought it was really pretty.
Really enjoying the texture and how bright it is.

What are your April favourites?


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  1. The YSL glossy stain looks like a beautiful color! I still need to try one of these!

    xx Louise

  2. Amazing but also pretty damn expensive!
    They are £22.50 here in the UK, $32 in the US. Not cheap, and you don't get much product but because there is no real need to reapply throughout the day, it's almost worth it.

  3. im so tempted to get the YSL stain!!
    and im definatly loving the garnier eye roll on my dark circles need some coverin'! x

    1. I felt kind of naughty when I got the YSL stain. So expensiveee, but I do love it. I DARED TO INDULGE.


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