Thursday 11 June 2015

Budget Brows with Maybelline Brow Satin

I feel like I'm constantly using up eyebrow pencils and now that my Tarte Brow Pencil is on its last legs, I thought I would go for a more budget option. I think it takes me about a month and a half to go through a twist-up eyebrow pencil, so my usual high-end eyebrow pencil purchases do add up... Please refer to me as #BudgetAnnie while I'm trying to be a bit more frugal. Thanks. So I picked up the Maybelline Brow Satin in 'Dark Blonde' just yesterday so this is basically a first impressions post...

I'm going to start with the initial thing that bothers me a little bit about this product and that is the fact that there is no spoolie because one end has the pencil and the other has a powder ft. applicator sponge. I guess they could've added a little brush onto the exterior of one of the lids but oh well, I'm not that into the brush things anyway. So spoolie situ aside, I do think that compared to a lot of the other brow offerings in the drugstore, this isn't terrible. I think the Soap & Glory Brow Archery 2-in-1 is pretty good as well but the colors don't really work for me so I wasn't interested in repurchasing that one.

The 'Dark Blonde' shade I chose is pretty ashy and it works fine on me, it's maybe slightly light and ever so slightly warm but it's still very ashy by drugstore standards. I do feel like the nib of the pencil could be just that little bit finer to make it easier to draw on hair-like strokes. I quite like the powder side because it means you can apply product to the front of the brows without making it look too harsh and drawn on.

Overall? I'm not totally obsessed but I do like it. It's pretty good for £5.99 if you're looking for a more drugstore budget brow option.

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  1. This is definitely something I would love to try out as I'm usually quite a big Maybelline fan!

  2. I love your brows! Should probably check this one out. xx


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