Sunday 24 June 2012

Lush - The Sacred Truth Face Mask Review!

I was recommended this last time I went into Lush but I will only by one Lush face mask at a time because they contain fresh ingredients and have to be used within a fairly short period of time.

It costs £5.75, and you get 75g.

 This is my second Lush face mask. 
I did a post on Oatifix, which if you want to read click here.

This is the papaya one so I kind of expected it to smell fruity & delicious, but no. No, no, no.
It smells like grass.
It really should smell better considering this contains perfume in it, but oh well.

However I can see past that (Or SMELL past that, haaa. No. That was lame) because it is a really nice face mask.
Unlike the Oatifix face mask, this does not have huge clumpy exfoliating bits; the particles are a bit more refined so they don't fall off your face and you don't look like someone just threw up on you.
However, you still get some pretty decent exfoliating action when you take this off.

I am a fan of this face mask, it makes my skin feel super smooth and soft after using it.
I actually prefer to use this on in the morning before cleansing and putting my make up on because of how well it smoothes out my skin. My skin is pretty dry so it needs to be properly moisturised before applying make up, and this helps to keep it moisturised.

VERDICT: I would buy again, so it gets a nice 7.5/10 from me.


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  1. I love Lush products and it's pretty sick if you take back 5 of the empty tubs back, they will give you a free product haha! :) I'll have to buy this mask sometime soon! :)

  2. Lush stores are hard to find in Canada, and I've heard so many things about them that i'm still up in the air. I need a beginners list of Lush products in exfoliates and scrubs and face mask. I find that I would use those more than any other lush product. Thanks for doing a post on this and maybe i'll get my butt to Lush and try the stuff out

    1. I have only ever tried two of the face masks and none of the other products! :) One day day...


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