Sunday 17 June 2012

Current Obsession: Palmer's

I actually had never owned anything from Palmer's before I got this lot. I only recently started loving the smell of cocoa so I thought I would try some of their stuff.

The first thing I bought is the scrub (I have used up another tub of this already!) and although I know you can make your own scrubs and stuff like that, I like a gentle scrub that isn't sugar/salt based. 

So that is where my Palmer's obsession began.

Cocoa Body Scrub
'Exfoliates, Refines, Polishes, Moisturizes & Smoothes'
This heaven. I definitely use far too much of it whenever I take a shower (this sounds like it is an unfrequent affair but I promise I do shower regularly). It really helps with any rough, chicken-like skin I get on my arms and leaves my skin SO SUPER SOFT.
It feels like butter and is really creamy so it's not for anyone who likes a really rough scrub.
Basically, I iz obsessed.

Moisturizing Body Oil
'Lightly scented, fast absorbing, leaves skin silky soft'
You can use this IN the shower/bath but I haven't tried that yet.
I slap this on after I have quickly towel dried my skin after a shower and I TELL YOU WHAT, a little goes a long way. I have used this about 7 times now (all over my body) and I have tons left.
Creams tend to coagulate on my skin even though it is really dry, so using a light oil like this is really nice and it sinks in pretty fast.
I also like this because it helps layer that delicious cocoa smell so I definitely smell like a cocoa bean by the time I'm done.

Body Lotion (spf 15 & UVA/UVB Protection)
'Smoothes marks, tones skin'
I love that this has an spf in it, so I don't have to FREAK OUT if a rainy day in England turns hot and I haven't put on any sunscreen.
Like the other products, it smells like heaven and moisturises my skin nicely.

Hands/Elbows/Knees/Feet Concentrated Cream
'Softens & relieves rough, dry skin'
I have basically been using this as a hand cream for in my handbag but it's great for any dry/itchy bits of skin.
My boyfriend always says I smell like Weetabix when I've just applied this on my hands but it definitely smells like cocoa butter to me. 
I like this just as much as The Body Shop hemp hand cream, I think it does an equally good job at moisturising and keeping my hands soft.

5 Reason Why I Love Palmer's: 
1. They are a 'cruelty-free' brand and are against animal testing.
2. My stretch marks have definitely become less visible! 
3. My skin is a lot smoother and softer.
4. It does not coagulate on my skin.
5. My skin is definitely more moisturised/less dry since I have started using Palmer's.

I do still like a good fruity body cream but for now I have mainly been using this while trying to get my body SOFT & SUMMER READY (vom).


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  1. I also love palmers! The face wash is also pretty good x

  2. have you tried their summer body gradual tanner type lotion? its AH-mazing xx


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