Wednesday 11 April 2012

Ew, Who Are You?!

Vital Stats:
Name: Annie
Nicknames: Squishy, Pidge
Birthday: 12 March
Place of Birth: Birmingham, England (kind of random because I never actually lived there)
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Occupation: Literature Student and customer consultant at The Body Shop

Hair colour: It's dyed so it depends really. I'm currently Blondy/Browny.
Hair length: Shoulder length
Eye colour: Blue
Best feature: Please no
Braces: Nope
Piercings: 5 on ears and nostril
Tattoos: None
Righty of Lefty: Righty

Best friend: Eleanor? Emily? I can't remember.
Award: Best French student and some art one in some Bristol school competition thing.
Sport: Badminton
Real Holiday: No idea, we went on loads when I was younger.
Concert: AVRIL LAVIGNE! (no lies)

Film: Control, Les Intouchables, L'Arnacoeur, Some Like It Hot...
TV Show: 90210 
Colour: Blue's aighht.
Song: Pictures of you - The Cure 
Restaurant: Hotel Costes in Paris and Le Scheffer
Store: Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot... that genre
Book: I have a few... On The Road (Jack Kerouac), Frankenstein (Mary Shelley), To The Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf) has weirdly grown on me... currently reading The Language of Flowers and am thoroughly enjoying it.
Magazine: ID/Elle France
Shoes: I gat some purdy purdy Prada's 

Single or Taken: TAKEN! SORRY EVERYONE!!!
Eating: Nothing but could do with some Leerdammer cheese.
Listening to: A conversation about cheese (right now it's red leicester)
Thinking about: What modules to pick for next year.
Watching: Nuttin'
Wearing: Please don't ask me this.

Want Children: Probably at some point.
Want to be married: I don't mind
Careers in mind: DON'T STRESS ME OUT, I don't know yet.
Where do you want to live: London/NYC/Paris/Barcelona/A nice BIG city please.

Do you believe in:
God: No
Miracles: No
Love at first sight: No it's more like FITTY ALERT!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP!! But no.
Ghosts: WELL I would say no but then I went to Venice and some weird shit went down in my hotel room.
Aliens: Not green people but it would be foolish to think we are the only living things in this VAST GALAXY.
Soul Mates: No I think we're each compatible with lots of people.
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: I ain't gon' judge.
Yourself: Yeah I'm pretty sure I exist.


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  1. Found it :)

    Love that your first concert was Avril Lavigne, hehe.

  2. Hahaha I had fun reading this. Love your answers. Matches a lot with the way I am, and maybe that's because we are both pisces. :)


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