Friday 6 April 2012

Agnès B - b. Glossy! Stick in Pêche Gold

My mum gave me this lipstick yesterday. It's the b. Glossy! lipstick from Agnès B & because I rarely hear about this make-up brand & it is one I have been using ever since I began wearing make-up in my teens, I thought I would spread the word about this lovely brand.

The colour I have is Pêche Gold (pêche being peach in french). I am not sure if you can get Agnès B make-up in the UK or if it is just a french thing but I just thought I would talk about this because Agnès B make-up is truly underrated so it is worth hunting for. It costs about €16.90 which is on the fairly expensive side I suppose for a lipstick but it's really very lovely and I will explain why...

As you can see the colour is fairly sheer but pretty pigmented as the swatch above is only one layer/coat of it.  It has a kind of shimmery quality to it, but the shimmer particles are really tiny so it doesn't look glittery.

I really love this colour because it's a nice coral/peachy colour which is lovely for Spring. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I love peachy/apricot colours and make-up with gold undertones, which this has. It is kind of like the lipstick version of NARS Luster blush, but slightly more coral.

The formula is really lovely as well: smooth and moisturising. 
Also it glides on incredibly smoothly and precisely as it is slightly less wide in diameter than most lipsticks, so it very easy to apply even without a mirror.

Have you ever tried any Agnès B make-up?


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  1. That's really pretty! Kinda reminds me of Dior Addict gloss balm thingie.
    I wish we could find Agnes B makeup in the US D;

    1. Ah well there's always dupes for everything really isn't there :) and you might be able to find Agnès B online?

  2. Beautiful color! Looks great on you! :) I subbed!

    twitter: @XOLB22


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