Thursday 29 May 2014

Memorial Weekend // Boston + NYC

I very rarely write non-beauty related posts but I thought I'd do a little post on what I got up to over Memorial Weekend for a bit of a change.

My bff homegirl Ellyn and I went to Boston on Saturday and stayed there for a night which was fun because we have both been desperate to see a bit more of the US. We'd always wanted to visit Boston and we weren't disappointed, except by our decision to only go for a night. We actually did a bit of a vlog over the weekend but I need to edit it (aka mash it all together) so hopefully that will be up this weekend.

We stayed in Cambridge but the metro system is decent so it was fairly easy to get in and out of Boston, especially because it's not a particularly large city. On the first day we just walked around the city, did a bit of shopping and then went for dinner at No. 9 Park in the evening, which I really recommend if you're ever in the area. The next day we visit Flour, which is a really cool bakery chain in Boston and we ate our food in Blackstone Square, which is a really pretty little park. We then walked to Boston Common and had a little walk about before heading to Harvard to have a look at the campus aka pretend to be students there. After that we went back to New York and went out in Brooklyn, so all in all it was a fun weekend :)

 We also did a Boston haul vid so check that out... okay so our YouTube channel is actually a bit of a joke so bear that in mind! 

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