Wednesday 18 December 2013

Four Winter Skin Saviours & A Dry Shampoo

I've gotten really into skincare recently and I'm really enjoying my skincare routine and becoming more aware of how different products affect my skin. I used to just use any old cheap moisturiser but I'm starting to understand what works for my skin and how to switch the products up to suit my current needs. Here are four skincare products I'm getting a lot of use out of at the moment, as well as a token hair product that has really surprised me (in a good way).

My skin has changed a lot over the past year and I've noticed it has started producing more oil. I was always a dry skinned girl so this is not something I'm used to. However, my skin does still get extremely dry say after a shower or if it just gets chapped by the cold winds we get here in New York. This is a really nice face mask for locking in some moisture and it smells divine.

So first off this smells of mangoes or something tropical and delicious (I hate the smell of the Cherry Baptiste one that everyone seems to love). This is actually the only dry shampoo I have ever liked because it doesn't leave my hair feeling really chalky and it genuinely makes my hair look clean rather than dandruffy. I wear my hair down more when it's cold so I like it to always look fresh and clean (even if I didn't get time to wash it the day before!)

This is such a luxurious product it's kind of unbelievable that it is from a drugstore brand and the packaging looks really high end too. I personally like to use this the-day-after-the-night-before when I'm feeling a little worse for wear. It really brightens, smooths out and moisturises the skin without making your skin look greasy.

I love a good serum, I think they make your moisturiser work 10x as hard and you really feel like your skin is being moisturised thoroughly. I really like the Texture Perfector range from L'Oréal because it's not too heavy so it's perfect for applying before your makeup in the morning. It always makes your skin feel really velvety soft and smooth.

You never hear people talk about this micellar water but it is actually one of the best micellar waters I have ever tried. It is up there with Taaj and Bioderma so I am really impressed by this. It doesn't sting my eyes, it feels really gentle and it removes makeup incredibly quickly. I tend to wear heavier makeup at this time of year so this is perfect for wiping off the day.

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  1. I really like the sound of the micellar water, I may go on the hunt for some!

    1. The L'Oreal one is great too but you can't get it in the US :(

  2. I've heard great things about Biotherm... did you buy it here in the US? I'm looking for a new micellar water!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

  3. I think I'm going to get the Loreal Dry Shampoo after I've finished this bottle of Batiste xx

    1. Good choice! I hate Baptiste dry shampoo...

  4. Oh wow the Origins Drink Up Mask sounds incredible. I have such dry skin that this sounds so ideal :) xx

  5. I really want to try origins drink up intensive! I've been using the Avene soothing moisture mask which is similar (but isn't an overnight one) and it's lovely xx

  6. I completely agree about the Biotherm micellar water! I've been using it for a while now and I think it's the best out of all I've tried out, I really love the scent. :) xx


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