Monday 25 March 2013

Balm Balm - Detox All Over Balm (100% Organic) Review

I've had this product for months and months and I don't think I have ever mentioned this before, despite the fact that I use it on a pretty regular basis. This is the Detox All Over Balm from Balm Balm, which I got on Feel Unique for £6.99. You can get this in loads of different types, for example there's an 'Indulge' balm and a 'Relax' balm - they are all probably very similar/identical but with different types of scents depending on your mood. As I have only ever tried the 'Detox' one, I will be talking about that one. AGAIN, please excuse the quality of the photos - I can't be bothered to use my camera at the moment, it's just so much easier to use my iPhone but I probably should start using my camera more...

  • It is 100% organic, 100% natural and it is not tested on animals.
  • You can use this on your lips, knees, feet, elbows, hair, or absolutely anywhere you like.
  • This particular one is described by Feel Unique as being 'uplifting and refreshing'
  • It contains: Ginger, Lemongrass, Lemon & Juniper essential oils to stimulate & cleanse. 

Packaging & Price
You get 30ml of product and you only need the tiniest amount when using it on your lips or on any dry patches of skin. I have had this for at least 9 months or so and I've probably only used about a quarter - which is amazing considering I'll use it at the very least 3-4 times a week. So for £6.99, you've really got yourself a bargain with this.

I have never used this on my hair, but I have used it on my body, lips and on my face and I love it for all those purposes. It's a great lip balm, it's great for under my eyes when they are feeling a bit dry and it's just generally great for any kind of moisturisation. I like to take this on flights with me or when I'm travelling for reasons stated below, and because it's great to pop a bit on (even on top of my makeup) when I get a bit dehydrated. It's conditioning without being greasy, despite the fact that it is packed with essential oils.

This is one of the best things about this. It smells so fresh, herby and lovely; I do usually care about the smell of products but this is almost what makes this product so great. If I ever feel a bit ill or I have a headache, I put this on any pressure points and under/around my nose because this really stops me from feeling sick. It's a really refreshing, crisp yet natural scent that immediately helps my mood whenever I'm feeling under the weather.

This is a really great multi-use product that I would recommend to anyone and everyone (well, unless you have extremely sensitive skin - then you might want to look into it more). You definitely don't need this but it's a really handy little thing to have around, I leave mine next to my bed, The price point is very reasonable, the product is amazing - I want MORE.


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