Wednesday 6 February 2013

What's On My Vanity Table

This is a bit of a random one from my part, but I've borrowed an SLR camera and I have to give it back tomorrow so I've taken a few random photos and this is my attempt to turn it into a half-interesting/mainly boring post.
I don't have any actual pictures of my desk in this post, but it's antique/french/white/wooden/beautiful. My room is kind of packed because I'm almost a hoarder so it's hard to explain but I can't really take a decent picture of it! (I will try when I have more time though).
So these are just a bunch of pictures of what's on my vanity table/desk really!

Hair brushes (very boring); Make-Up brushes (some are in London at the moment so this isn't all of them): Real Techniques: Blusher Brush, Stippling Brush, Expert Face Brush, Buffing Brush, Foundation Brush, Mac: 266, 217, The Body Shop: Eyeshadow Brush, Lip/Concealer Brush, No7: Blend & Contour Brush, Japonesque Safari: Shadow Brush and Crease Brush, ELF: Eyeshadow Brush.
Perfumes: Dior Pure Poison, Helena Rubinstein Wanted, Prada Candy, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Gucci Guilty.
Glass with eyeliners in it, a little ceramic tray with everyday make-up or products I want to use up, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, an organic toner, my jewellery holder.
Some of my rings.
Everyday hair products and my eye cream?
I keep cotton buds and cotton rounds in this tin.
So that is it really! I hope that was vaguely interesting, maybe?


 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I always love seeing how people organise their space :) my room is an utter tip! haha I love all the little vintage details on your dresser :) the tin in particular is lovely x

  2. Im re-doing my make-up room/office this weekend and I love getting inspiration from posts like this:)

    Sara x

  3. I love seeing how others organize their own space! I'll probably do a similar post... Thanks for the inspiration!
    Love the jewelry holder btw ;)


  4. I really like your heart shape ring holder thing :)


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